Haze Settings Issue in Beta Release 58



The new haze setting in Beta 58 is great, but I am seeing some issues with it in the Zone properties panel. There are a couple of new options with tick boxes that are occluded and do not stay checked - “Use Altitude” and “Attenuate Keylight”. You can click on them to activate, but they do not display as being clicked.

In my domain, I have a 1000x1000x1000 Zone with a Skybox image. When I activate Haze, I can get a look I like and close the properties panel. If I reload content or leave the domain and return, the setting for “Use Altitude” reverts to its off state.

Use Altitude active:

Use Altitude after content reload/leaving and revisiting domain:

I have tried this on a couple of different PCs and a Mac it seems to behave the same way. These settings were done in Desktop mode, and the tick boxes seem to be occluded on any system I try it on.

Again, very cool feature, but I can not get my settings to stick! Any assistance would be appreciated.



Hi there!

I could reproduce the Use Altitude portion of this, but not the Attenuate Keylight. Not sure if I’m able to reproduce the reset bug just yet.

Opening a ticket for deeper investigation. Will give you an update as soon as I have one for you!


Hey miladn, thank you for taking a look at it!

Some clarification: the function and tick box visibility of the “Use Altitude” seems to be an issue, while the “Attenuate Keylight” is only having an issue with the visibility of its tick box.

Also, I visited the domain with a HMD, and the behavior is the same. I can tick Use Altitude on and see it, but it disappears once I leave/return or clear the cache. Users visiting the domain for the first time do not see the skybox at all, only the haze.

I will be glad to test anything I can be of assistance with - thank you!



We are still having a bit of trouble reproducing this, but if you could help with some testing that would be great!

There is a new PR up

with this download link:

Could you let us know if that is behaving the same way for you?


Yes, this seems to correct both issues on my end (at least with the local Sandbox install):

  • Skybox background remains in back when clearing cache or going to a different domain and returning.

No Haze, Skybox only (same size and image file used as in Beta 58)

Haze on from different perspective (no shadows or AO)

Haze on with object in view (with shadows and AO)

  • Use Altitude and Attenuate Keyloght tick boxes are no longer partialy hidden and remain checked when the properties panel is closed.

  • The added Background Blend slider works well - I can achieve the same setting as in Beta 58 by moving it to about .5

Seems to be working well! Thank you :smile: