Headless stack manager?


Okay… So far so good getting everything up and running. I’ve figured out how to build HiFi, got it all up and running on Linux, and I’ve even provisioned a little VM on my server here at the house to bring up a domain to tinker around in. It all runs pretty good (in an alpha good kinda way of course) but I can’t seem to figure out a way to keep the stack manager running unattended… Is there a way to bring it up as a daemon without the user interface where I could just tie it into the init scripts for my VM, fire it up, and leave it running?


There’s currently no daemon mode - I used to run in a screen session – but have evolved over past 15 months to use docker to bundle domain-server and assignment-client in a container providing a single logical service. Others use a script written by Coal that automates pulling code, compiling and running - you can take a look at it and get some ideas on how you might roll your method.


Thanks Omega, I shall tinker with it. :slight_smile:


Nailed it, yay! :smiley: Used the startup / shutdown scripts from http://flamesoulis.com/2015/04/29/how-to-compile-hifi-for-the-pi/

Thanks! :slight_smile: