Hello all, Dimentox from sl here


Hey all,

Dimentox Travanti from SL here.

I created DCS2 in sl mmorpg framework, also i was a member of emerald, and a lead developer on Firestorm / Phoenix.
I am quite looking forward to getting my hands dirty here. Anyone care to fill me in on whats what?

Also i ordered a leap motion… I am excited to see it work.


Welcome @Dimentox … my suggestions…

  1. Visit some places and see some examples.

  2. Chat to folks in text chat, by voice and use the forums where everyone posts their moans and successes.

  3. Try some building and model uploading on the hifi://Sandbox

  4. Consider if you can or want to run your own domain to let you experiment with content.

I am from from Virtual University of Edinburgh (Vue in Second Life, OpenSim and here in HiFi) and my simple domain content on our domain can be visited via hifi://Vue