Hello from a complete Newbie (in so many ways) and help!


So here I am… I’m a off and on Second Lifer. I was excited to see this and have the option to get involved at the ground up for once. I began as a web developer/designer/3d designer and gradually grew a big attraction to these opportunities of 3d/VR worlds.

First I’m doing the most basic of items. I know about the Wiki and the documentation… and of course Google search… but I’ve tried using the given domain? When you enter the properties. And on the interface I can click home and I go home… which I assume is this domain… but when I’m trying the sandbox (which I sadly haven’t been able to try yet!) I click Go Home and it says:
Client Not Found
The High Fidelity client executable was not found.
It is expected to be found beside this executable. You may need to re-install the High Fidelity Sandbox.

I have reinstalled the high fidelity sandbox several times… same answer. What dorky ignorant thing am I doing? Any help and advice in relation to getting started would be so helpful for me. I would be very grateful. I’m going to find my way in this world and I won’t give up. :slight_smile:

Also – nice to meet you! I’m a 31 female who travels a lot and is quite obsessed with design, internet, technology and gaming. Other than that I love colorful, cute and psychedelic things… so I’m ready to make a mark. Even a small one.



It can be tricky at first. Sandbox is the app that must be running on your computer at all times if you want to have access to the home domain you get when you sign up - it’s like a server hosting all the content on that domain. So not only do you need to install it, but also run it, and make sure it launches at startup everytime.

I’m a total noob when it comes to PC’s, coming from the Mac world, so I don’t know much about troubleshooting install issues.

Make sure you’ve got sandbox installed, make sure it’s running, make sure Interface is running, and navigate there using the heads up display inside Interface - use the “go to” and click the home icon on the lower left.

That’s my best answer, someone else more experienced might be able to give you better help. I’m pretty new myself, and I had my fair share of technical issues too. But I figured it out, mostly, and you will too.


The Sandbox (correct me if I a wrong!) is really optional. Did you possibly not download or install the actual “Interface”? Re-install High-Fi and look close what you select when you install it, you possibly only installed Sandbox.



From your screenshots you have networking set to ‘none’. I will leverage whatever web skills you claim and tell you in a nut-shell set that to “Full Automatic Networking” under assumption you don’t have it configured properly elsewhere, and let the Platform handle the heavy lifting. When you click the “Go Home” button in interface it tries to ping localhost under assumption these programs are operational on a single machine. Again, since you have WebDev experience, you might try doing Sandbox on one machine, and Interface on a separate machine.

Welcome to HiFi.

Let us know how it works out for ya.


Thanks Alpha. I’ll let you know.

To others:
I installed on a mac… you just drag the folder into apps. The only icons: interface, sandbox.