Hello I'm always being sent to a black or blue sky


I’m always being sent to a black or blue sky. What should I do ?



Which domain are you going to? Some domains may not have content in them yet. Also at the top of your interface title bar what does it say when that happens?


Any of the directory destinations. I see no message at the top of the interface title bar…
I am using DK2 and the HMD Tools option



Has it worked for you previously?

I don’t know if it’s related… But I rebuilt my interface using todays Git revision, and encountered the same thing when visiting my Domain built with code 24 hours older.

Updating and recompiling my server instance to match fixed it right up.

In it’s borken state the interface terminal output would show it continually adding/killing the Avatar/Audio/Entity mixers, so if you see that happening then it’ll be the mismatched client/server code revisions.

I’m running Linux on my servers and local desktop, so sourcebuilding is a thing.


Nevermind. That wasn’t it.

Still happening randomly for myself. Gonna play for a bit


Ah, my problem was caused by connecting to my domain and the hifi stun server using different IP addresses. (I’m multi-homed)

How are you connecting?

I know some providers, mostly 3G services and some larger organisations firewalls can split your sessions between multiple outbound IP’s. I’m thinking there could be something weird going on with your network situation.


This only happens when I change to “HMD Tools” or “Enable VR Mode”. I am using a broadband server…


I think it is a calibration problem


@Ninlilizi @pedrw , check this out . Make sure oculus is in extend desktop mode and do not mirror screens

Make sure to update to the latest Oculus runtime.


i have this problem to with most places


@DGMurdockIII can you attach a screenshot