Hello World! (umm... 15.. hmmm.. Hi!)


So my name is Iscabox Flux (Display Name will eventually be Lanky) I run from the main and top Sailing Clubs and Marinas on the Secondlife mainland, I’m also a retired video games developer in the real world…

I’m honored to be here testing and would like to thank the devs for the invite below is a bit about me and who I am!

I’m Ollie, I’m a Sailor in the real world and my profession is in the Video Game Industry, I worked in QA Software Testing, so I worked as you’d imagine playing video games all day and getting paid for it but in reality I’d rather work sewage then work as that again… hence retiring young!

I have Heart & Lung disease and had the chance to retire at the ripe old age of 21 so I took it, Game Testing is incredibly boring and was putting me off gaming for pleasure, I however enjoy making and testing games as a hobby and sometimes I help friends in the Indie world out as well!

About my PC!

I’m an enthusiast PC Gamer and below are my specs, I also own an Oculus Rift and have on order a Leap Motion!

Intel i7-5th Gen, 8-core processor
16GB RAM (soon to be 64GB)
Nvidia GeForce GTX 980 Hall of Famer with 4GB GRAM
ASUS Phoebus 7.1 Surround Gaming Sound Card with a 1600W output (my music is loud and in my face on 0% volume lol)

All this is jumbled up inside my NX7 Mass Effect Gaming case which also had some Aperture Science in it’s inspiration!

So this is all about me now let me learn all about you! Bring on High Fidelity!


Welcome to the Alpha !


Indeed, welcome! It’s going to be quite the adventure.