Help. All content sets are empty space


Windows 7. Stack Manager 92. Get content set.

Regardless of which content set I select from the list (Outdoor Garden, Floating Island, Mansion etc.), the result is empty space.


Problem persists. Empty space regardless of content set selected. Unable to proceed. Anyone know how to fix this?


I have no idea if this still is an issue - but months ago when content sets first appeared we had this same thing. It (then) turned out that the content was placed, but, since you weren’t moved to its placement point you never saw it. You could try opening editor (icons on right) - set search range to something like 30000 (thirty thousand) and see if you have any content in list.


It seems it’s still an issue. Initial default ‘visibility’ is only 100m. Downloaded content sets are parked out of range and are therefore unseen in the viewer (Interface). One must increase visibility (I used your example of 30,000m) then manually teleport to the content.

Relogging resets the visibility to 100m but retains one’s position at the content set (teleported to earlier). Selecting a new content set replaces the existing content set at the same position/coordinates. BUT sometimes one must restart both the viewer (Interface) and the Stack Manager to refresh the world.

Many thanks for your help.