Help Build the EOS Cafe


Dear HF designers - I am looking for several creative individuals to construct a virtual EOS Cafe location on the placename eoscafe

If you’ve got he skills please hit me up here, or in the High Fidelity telegram.


Updated Bounty: 200 EOS tokens + 1,000,000 BEANS split between the team.


And what can we do with this?


EOS you can save or sell. BEANS…? not worth much :wink:


Well… It looks like being paid in some kind of virtual steam buckets. :wink:

To be honest, I’ve tried to figure what are these ‘EOS Cafe’, but it’s probably too abstract for my english level. I have even not find what could mean EOS.
Have you somewhere a ‘EOS Cafe for dummies’ page?


“We develop online and real world collaboration spaces (Cafes!), in which EOS enthusiasts can meetup and build the future upon the exponential operating system. Our vision is to enable the general public to pay in EOS for common goods such as coffee to increase global adoption of EOS.”

So if I translate that: Another speculative currency that will burn more energy without returning any real value on this planet. Where the only reason of it’s existence is to promote it-self.

I must have not getting it right :wink:


Hi Alezia - yes POW (proof of work) crypto-currencies such as bitcoin and ethereum are terrible wasters of energy. I agree. EOS is a DPOS (delegated proof of work) crypto which is very fast and has zero transaction fees. High Fidelity is testing the EOS blockchain right now to use for some of it’s new features. Hopefully HF also uses EOS for account names and private keys… because unlike eithereum and the others, EOS has lost priavte key recovery. Anyways, I am not here to pitch EOS to High Fidelity users. EOS will quietly speak for herself behind the scenes. I am here to build a virtual EOS Cafe on HF where EOS enthusiasts can come and learn how awesome THIS platform is. Cheers my friend. I hope that I see you in the metaverse and get to shake your hand.


Going to be completely honest with you, the USD and other fiat is made the exact same way. Not backed by a single thing.


Certainly. But I would prefer to be paid in USD rather that in Beans. :wink:
Probably because of something that is called “confidence”.


That is true but being paid in the larger coins has full liquidity meaning that you can exchange for USD instantly. However, prices do fluctuate so you would still have to do the exchange within a reasonable amount of time to ensure value, though prices can rise to favor you so it’s not always bad. All in all, coins are ideal for the virtual world as it cuts out banks and institutions that would otherwise hinder the markets and economy.

Accepting a coin is not putting you at a disadvantage, but rather at an advantage if you know how to operate and move them effectively.


Maybe one day… :wink:


The payment that is being offered here for building a domain is 10 EOS; at the moment represents only 89 US$ and EOS is not among the larger coins.

Since EOS is backed by, a multi million company, IMHO they should invest more than that for having a virtual world presence.


So working for beans is a bit like working for peanuts :wink:


I do not represent Block.One or EOSIO - I represent the EOS Cafe DAC

I have already found some good people who are willing to help build our DAC’s virtual EOS Cafe.

However, your point is taken, Kahiro…

I guess that the EOS Cafe DAC is the defacto representative of EOSIO on High Fidelity so far.

I will now edit and update the bounty above to reflect our commitment to building an awesome space at eoscafe.

Old Bounty: Payment: 10 EOS tokens + 200,000 BEANS tokens

New Bounty: 200 EOS tokens + 1,000,000 BEANS split between the team.


Hi there! I’m interested in helping out on this project.


Hi Alex. Thanks for being interested. I will email you now.


EOS isn’t really a coin or currency which competes with HF Token or the USD, etc. It represents a blockchain platform that has 21BP’s. etc, etc.

FreedomEngineer… I would like to help build that EOS Cafe! I used to hang around a lot in SL but have just been reading, watching and waiting for HF. I was really excited to hear that Rosedale was going to use the EOS blockchain. very very excited. :slight_smile:

Can you pm me?