Help/Feedback on Immersive Presentation


Hello High Fidelians.
I am asking for help with a project I am going to demo in a few weeks at my first life job.

It is an Immersive Education Beta that will help psychiatric inpatients develop some Life Skills through sessions that include a bit of gamification.

Initially, I will run the groups, but eventually hope to expand and develop this so that other staff and even patients can take the lead.

Sunday, April 15, 2918
1:00 PM Pacific time. 13:00 Pacific
Place: Franny/1835, 1821, 1981

Corrected link to manual.

I would really appreciate it if you could come help me. Thanks, DrFran



Sob. No one showed up, so I will assume it’s all perfect.


I was interested, but domain was empty when I visited. Also the manual you linked just shows a title.

I’m logged in now, I’ll hang around for a little while. I might be AFK as well.


not sure why, but the link doesn’t seem to work. I have linked .pdfs from S3 before, but I tried it three times, and it failed.


Fifth try: Immersive Education Guide


Soo sorry - I read the announcement too late :frowning:
Your project sounds super interesting & I totally wanna check it out!
I’m covered in work until Thursday, but I’d be happy & thankful if I could give your Beta a try & give you feedback from Friday on.
Lots of fun & success with this!
Cheers, Xaos :purple_heart::sunglasses:


Was interested, even willing to wait until 2918.
But seriously, I get weekly updates of the forum and missed the announcement until just now. Will read your manual with interest, though. Thanks for sharing.