HELP! I cannot upgrade/uninstall the client because it says the Console is running


The last time I updated my High Fidelity client, I also installed the High FIdelity Console (because I didn’t know what it was and it sounded important). I didn’t realize that the Console is only if you are hosting content on your PC, which I am not.

When I try to run the Console, I get the following error:

I want to upgrade my High Fidelity client software and when I do it tells me that I first have to shut down my Console from the system tray in WIndows. But when I open my system tray, THERE IS NO ICON THERE FOR THE CONSOLE!

I have tried to uninstall the client software completely and start over but I get the same error: that the Console needs to be shut down. But I cannot find any way to shut down my High Fidelity Console.

Could somebody PLEASE tell me how to uninstall the damn Console program? I have looked for a process in the Task Manager in Windows, and it’s not there. But it keeps telling me it’s running and I need to shut it down whenever I try to upgrade or uninstall the HIgh Fidelity client! This is very annoying.



I killed the hifi entry in task manager start up which seed to cure it


There is no HiFi entry in my Task Manager Start-Up list. I just checked.


Oh wait! I just found it!
Thanks Judas!


well thats 3 of us had the problem, i have told them about it cos smokey got it a couple of builds ago
i just got it on this latest build

i got it when i changed from custum to default settings on install.


Y’all wouldn’t by chance have multiple versions of HiFi installed on your computer at once. Dev and Production, for instance?


I have had in the past but currently not