Help is the software talking to me (Exporting from Blender to Unity to HF)


While trying to get help from Jeanette Mathews an a solution to exporting from Blender to HF I found myself wondering if Blender had been used in the past to export to Unity. Forgive me if this solution has already been posted.
I am given the impression HF runs on Unity engine. I found a link with info on exporting to Unity but my eye and me are too tired to read though it all.

I am going to sleep now


Hate to ruin it but as discussed earlier:

  1. Hifi runs on its own engine which is open source. It has nothing to do with Unity. It couldn’t be open source all the way to engine code otherwise.

  2. While Unity can import fbx, it cannot export fbx out of Unity: see . it can limitedly however export OBJ through plugins but that requires Pro edition if I remember right. As OBJ support would the same as blenders.

  3. Unit supports blender files natively, so no need for fbx convertion


I got to the information on Blender to Unity by looking at information for Maya to HF. If you try to export and Fbx file made for HF in Maya you get an error message and the export is terminated. so the solution Maya offers is to send the file to Unity.
But if you look further into the link I put there is mention of . Fixing X axis rotation (Unity imports model already-rotated 270 (or -90) degrees in X axis).

I am not sure if this is the rotation problem everyone has with Blender but the page offer a FixBlenderImportRotation
One could just go and asked the guy that wrote the information to solve the problem you have with the rotation.
I am not ready yet to run scripts in Blender but for those that know what they are doing and understand Blender could give this scripts or code a try.

You have managed to make your character in Blender and it works in HF but I do not know why other Blender users have not been able to do the same.


Ive detailed everything I know on the OP (first post on the thread) on the forum thread which I keep constantly up-to-date, and a few others have managed to replicate the result. However some details are still missing, as some unity tricks still apply.

Most of the unity tutorials on the blender side of things are actually based on an old version blender. Unity 5 handles natively blender files quite well. But as far as I know (afaik) -ZY world coordinates are the way to go with -90 degree offset (see my thread)

But then again it is just work arounds… I have big experiment for it coming up soon™ on that should look into the way how Hifi works, vs how Blender exports its FBX.


They are addon scripts for doing the rotation job. One just has to find them They are many people on the Unity forum that have had experience of writing addon scripts for Blender to other game engines exporting.
The only problem with Blender is the scripts tend to be specific to each build. @summer4me… knows a lot about C coding and script writing, maybe you should work with her on writing an addon for the rotation problem.


Again, most of the rotation issues for blender-unity have already been solved. please see the dates on those topics: Specifically starting from Blender 2.71 solved alot of those issues. Ive already all I found in the thread I mentioned. They simply do not translate over.


Also, as a side note, the frame of reference is different from unity:

Unity has Z axis on the Left when X axis is on the right and Y axis is facing the top.
High Fidelity has Y axis to the left when Z axis is on the right and Y axis to the top.


Well I think I am an idiot. You can fathom my noobishness realizing (like the link says) that Unity is a GAME ENGINE…not a modelling tool. This, uhm, explains some of my troubles creating an avatar with Unity…uhm. Ok I feel really dumb now.