Help! My Avatar is Invisible to Others


I have a strange bug to report. Other avatars tried to help me in the Welcome area of HiFi, but we weren’t able to solve it so they suggested I post the bug here.

I can see other avatars and they can hear me, but they cannot see me, I am invisible to them. I get a continuous Loading Content message along the bottom of my vision (I am using an Oculus Rift VR headset).

I tried changing avatars, and resetting my HiFi settings, and still no luck. Anybody have any idea why I am invisible and get a continuous Loading Content message? thanks :slight_smile:


I guess you tried avatar from marketplace ? The need to work.
Avatars you have on ATP do not load if your on other
domain then the domain where your ATP assets are.


Yes I got the avatar from the marketplace.


I have uninstalled and reinstalled the High FIdelity software via Steam, and logged in again. I still am invisible to other avatars. I can see myself, but nobody else can see me. I also get a continuous Loading Content message. Can anybody help me out?


I am still having this problem and I really could use some troubleshooting help. Anybody have any suggestions on things that I could try to have my avatar load so that others can see him. Thanks!


I think this topic can help you. read posting 3. Except that you use one from marketplace :neutral_face: And the other topic is about own avatar.