Help selecting/creating Av. on Mixamo


I think that I actually did everything right but the avatar is not showing. (The only time I got an avatar to show was with the “ExampleAvatar”)

What I did: Select a character from Mixamo 3D Characters. Download the T-Pose as FBX locally to my PC.

In Interface, then Edit --> Package model, point to .FBX on local PC
Also in Settings, Avatar -> appearance, I pointed this to the .FST and .FBX which I both uploaded to my test server (I know it works since the ExampleAvatar works as well). But nothing shows in Interface…respective only the default Being of Light avatar.

Anyone have an idea why?

Sorry I am an absolute noob with this stuff, just downloaded installed Unity and also the 1st time I am using Mixamo.


Do you see the avatar if you just rezz it as entity.
It does not sound like your sending the avatar to mixame from isnide fuse to auto rig it and then download it prefferable with idle animation selected.
after download you can pack the avatar model with high fidelty. then it get saved into a directory. I have never tried avatar with ATP

There no errors in the log when you wear the avatar ?
Try to just load the FBX on your test server , see if that load.


Ok I somehow got the basics working now, but it’s a major pain in the ass to figure things out. One reason is that paths on your server must be right etc., seems you NEED to have a folder on the server with the FBX file in there, and the FST file one level above. (Respective everything, paths and filenames etc. must match what the FST file says etc.). Minor annoyances that take to figure out. (Also Fuse online etc. is not too descriptive how to use the autorigger etc.)

Actually, what I initially wanted to do to try these Morph3D avatars and then export from Unity, this is an entire different story now and I have no clue what to do with these Morph3D MCS lite kits…

HOWEVER I just learned that Morph3D is actually having something cooking they call “Morph3D Ready Room”, aka a system to create and customize avatars right in VR using their API…AND THEY ARE ACTUALLY PARTNERING WITH HI-FI, means this feature is coming to HiFi any time soon.

Does anyone know more about this? This looks very promising to me!

Help! My Avatar is Invisible to Others

Not much , except what you can find on internet.