Help us improve the Shapes App!


Help us improve the Shapes App!

Hi guys, we are working on improvements to the Shapes app and one thing we have identified is that a new user needs to know what all the Shapes app can do. So we’d like to get some examples of great Shapes creations from you, our experts, for inclusion in our documentation and maybe even packaged inside the app itself! We think this would be a fun way to spark creativity and inspire others!

If you’d like to submit something you made in Shapes for consideration, please send me a direct message with the .json file attached (instructions below).

As you use the app I would welcome any feature suggestions you have- feel free to post them here!

Please note that Shapes is a VR-only application. Thanks for your help!

Special thanks to Aitolda for letting me use this adorable Raccoon

Here is how you send me the .json file
Better to do this in Desktop mode

Turn on your advanced menus- you will need an advanced option

Try and select the parts of the image that are furthest apart in the corners

Make sure you got all the things. Shift-select again if you need to add more

Export selection and save! Send me the .json file via forum message


Here is a suggestion: Lets push it even further by allowing such objects to be modified outside.

If someone makes a shapes object, please do share it, I wish to test them in an experiment I am working on


What’s the shapes app?


Look - I shaped our Federated Consensus :purple_heart: :globe_with_meridians: :sunglasses:


Pushing it to the limit.

CC: @XaosPrincess

With @Aitolda 's creations

Anycase, I found some bugs while messing with the shape app: while not actually shapes app, the bugs are still closely related, as they are mostly issues with the Edit tool actually.

Its having some issues deleting selected objects, especially if there are multiple objects with parents, and with the shapes app, this means cleaning up the shapes creations is messy.

Similarly, when you try to deparent the objects, it doesnt seem to work correctly, and some entities get moved off to the distance or other oddity.


Good Point Judas :smiley: Here is a link.


Haha very clever, I love that!


Oh cool, that was posted 2 months ago, i read the forum twitter faceybook and didnt see this go past
you guys need to be better at shouting about cool stuff,um im kinda into hifi and missed it completly


If someone plays around with the Shapes app, feel free to play around with the Blender Add on to

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