Help us stress test High Fidelity again!


This Friday, February 3 at 2pm PST, we’ll be conducting our second heavy-load stress test in High Fidelity. Our objective? To work towards our goal of a single domain supporting up to 100 simultaneous avatars, as well as continuing to test our new event space.

We invite you to join High Fidelity staff this Friday at 2pm PST, after our in-world community meeting at 1pm.

Will you be attending? Please take a minute to fill out this form and we’ll add you to our whitelist. You must be on the whitelist in order to get in to the testing space in High Fidelity! There will be a hard limit of 100 users for the stress test and we’ll have an overflow area where you can interact and load in as users leave.

HMD users are especially encouraged to attend, but of course Desktop users are very welcome as well.

Attendees will need to install a developer version of Interface, which we will email you instructions for prior to Friday.

Please fill out the form linked above and join in the fun! And don’t forget, our community meeting is shifted an hour early to 1pm.

See you there!

P.S. This will be ongoing for the next three Fridays, so tell your friends!


VR usage. That do people read different.
So what VR usage do you mean on the form ?
HMD VR or Desktop VR or mabye both ?

Also no HMD for me, i come with 2 systems in this friday.
Also after the experience of last friday HMD would be a bad experience. on desktop my framerate already dropped down sometimes to 60fps and i need to get 100fps in desktop mode. If it’s in desktop mode already so bad. HMD i do not want to think how bad it is.

Also state region you could betetr have optional on the form.
Not every country have a state.

And why is a RL first and Last name needed ?
Hmm, the form is asking more then needed,
am holding a bit off until more is clear.


HI Richardus-
Great questions. I’ll add an option for “none” to the VR usage question since we’re great with desktop users. As for State/Region, just use what’s appropriate to your country.

Real last name first name is only for communication purposes and will not be shared, sold or distributed. Machine specs are to help us understand the parameters of each user’s experience and what we can improve. Please let me know if you have additional questions or concerns.

Looking forward to seeing you Friday!


Thanks, i hope i did not forget my avatar name with the first form :open_mouth:


I’ll make sure we have it prior to Friday. :slight_smile:


Will be on desktop here as well.


Why are you having a whitelist instead of just letting anyone in ?


To keep the riff raff like me out :slight_smile:


Details sent. Will attempt to enter in my DK2 as per usual.


Good question. We’re setting some benchmarks on a few things that require us to look at specific users and their machine set up to see if there are correlations. As a result, we need to tie a username to machine specs (which is why the form asks for those). Once you’re on the whitelist, you’ll be approved for the ongoing stress tests so hopefully the initial sign up doesn’t cause too much friction.


Good answer.Nice to know you guys are making the stress test as stress free as possible :slight_smile:


@Caitlyn , I’d like to sign up for the stress test tomorrow. I’m a newbie to Hi Fidelity and this is my first post (sorry for the lameness but couldn’t figure out how to DM you; I’m on mobile currently.) Username is @lisaw1 - Thanks!


Hi Lisa-
Happy to have you. When you have a minute, can you fill out this form?
email me at if you have any questions.


Done. Thanks @Frizzlefry!




CC’ing Melissa who will add you



Quoting from your email with a question :wink:
“Prior to Friday at 1:30PM PST, please download and install the dev-download version of our interface.”

Which dev-download version of the interface is (gonna be) the right one to install?

a) the one on the email’s screenshot - version 5985
b) the current one - version 5994
or is there gonna be c) an even later version to be released during the meeting tonight

Thanx a lot for your answer & I’m really looking forward to the stress test tonight :slight_smile:


hmmm. Even in incognito mode, mine shows 5985 as the latest. Let me check and get back to you. Perhaps you need to hard reload the page from last week? Answers soon!




yep. Looking like it’s going to be 5994. Whatever the number is, you want the latest dev download.


loving the smooth tablet movment in 5994