Help us stress test High Fidelity this Friday!


Hello everyone!

This Friday, Jan 27, we’ll be conducting a heavy-load stress test in High Fidelity. Our objective? To work towards our goal of a single domain supporting up to 100 simultaneous avatars, as well as testing our new event space.

We invite you to join High Fidelity staff this Friday at 2 PM, after our in-world community meeting at 1. Will you be attending? Please IM me and let me know, and we’ll add you to our whitelist.

HMD users are especially welcome, but of course Desktop users are very welcome as well. Attendees will need to install a developer verson of Interface, which we can walk you through at the Friday meeting.

Please RSVP with an IM (including your HF username) and join in the fun! And don’t forget, our community meeting is shifted an hour early to 1 PM.

Hope to see you there!


And remember…


So my other system need to be logged in ? otherwise i need to send you besides tjis account the other to.

I will only be in desktop mode. for a few reasons. especially with using two systems.


Hi Richardus,

It will be great to have you there! Yes you’ll need to be logged in.




Do we as users need to help test anything specific such as avatar attachments, audio, or scripted add-ons?

What happens when many users simultaneously ping your Marketplace? DoS attack mirror?

Thanks in advance and uh…

put me down for 2.



Thanks for all who are getting ready. We only need one account per person for tomorrow. No need to login as multiple avatars. We might need that next Friday when we do this again and go for a higher number :slight_smile:


Aha, ok. well @caitlyn have the names anyway for next round.
and one or two systems i stay in desktop[ this week.


Wait, I thought the regular HiFI meeting was at 2pm, or are you meaning under a different timezone? Anyway, I’d be happy to participate in the stress test.


Hiya Nathan,

Normally our meetings are at 2 PM PST… Tomorrow it will be at 1 PM PST
and the stress test at 2. Glad you can make it!



As usual, I will be late, but I will attend.


Dont forget to post the link to the windows dev build download. :wink:


Hi, I am able to make it this week, if you add me to the list I will do my bit to stress y’all out.
See you there.


I shall try to be there add me to the list


Excellent! So excited that all of you will be participating.

If you haven’t yet indicated, please send me an IM to participate in our exciting and awesome stress test at 2 PM.

And just a reminder - since the stress test is at 2 PM, our regular in-world community meeting will be at 1 PM.


@Caitlyn when can we expect the download link ?

I know the devs want to works as long as possible on it before we test it tonight. but people need some time to download and install it.


Okay, I’m on the dev version, but I can’t seem to get to dev-demo. It shows me as (NOT-CONNECTED), and I’m standing on an empty black plane.

edit: okay, NOW I’m there… er. nope, now I’m at dev-welcome.


I did see that message to. but am there. give it mabye some load time.


Did they forget to whitelist me, or something? I think he said something about needing to whitelist, anyway.


That could be the problem, let me try to ask.


Anyway, my in-world name is the same as here.


@caitlyn. can you check it. i do not see you inworld. I hope she get it.