Help with Adding Scripts to avatar


Hi. I am setting up “click to wear” avatars on my domain, and after finishing three avatars that work perfectly, I created another three.

Allof the additional three have the idle animation in them, BUT when I try to paste the wearAvatar.js into the script URL window is will not persist.

Any ideas what is going on? Could it be a setting on the domain? Thanks, franny


Went to my Cloud domain droplet, and it works there, so it’s not the scripts, animation, or avatar.


Hmm did u hit tab after u pasted the URL into the window
I think I just did this
I rezzed the Ava using the fbx
Pasted in the script URL
Then swapped the model URL to the fst link


It worked fine with three avatars, then it didn’t.


What happens if u export a working one as a JSON then re import it?


OK, so this is weird.
I went back an thought about what changes I had made in the domain, and I had just added the record.js to the domain, in hopes of using it as part of what I am doing.

The problem with the avatars appeared after that addition. I went back to my settings and removed the record script, and then I was able to add the click to wear avatars without any trouble.

So, no I ask if the record.js interferes with other settings on the domain, and will I still be able to add it?
Thanks and happy holidays, if that’s your thing.


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