Help with invisible house


Several updates ago, a house I built went missing. I was not sure if I had deleted it by accident (I do that), or if something had changed.

I reopened the file again in blender, and checked everything. It looks great in the 3D Window, it renders fine, and I can see no problem with the build. However, no matter how many times I rename it and bring it in, it remains invisible.

Here’s the file, if anyone wants to look at it. I did it the same way as the other entities on my domain, so I am stumped. Thanks in advance for any help you can give me.

Invisible House


It’s underneath the Origin Plane… here’s a shovel… can ya dig it? :smiley:

<<------ i’ll see myself out…


I opened the fbx in Blender.

The issue was it needed to have location/rotation/and scale “Applied”

The issue is caused by doing some modification in Object mode, such as stretching or rotating in Object mode, this causes the loc/rot/scale to become unstable especially if there are any negative values, even -0 is a problem.

Once you have Applied location and rotation/scale it is worthwhile turning on Backface culling and fixing any reversed normals because sometimes applying loc/rot/scale causes some faces to be inverted.


Thanks, Adrian for taking the time to explain this to me. Today I learned…