Help with Sound Injection to Audio Mixer


I am trying to figure out a way to inject sound into the Audio Mixer via Assignment Client globally without positioning. The Sound it self works fine, as it plays back in client via script.

I tried some existing examples of old archive scripts, which involve using Sound but I haven’t had gotten them to work. Anyone else have any luck with this?


I am not finding any modifiers playSound that would shape the point source sound field. What does have some control over distance attenuation is the new ambisonics component. Since you want a full coverage, you might try making an ambisonic wave field file using a stereo to B format encoder. A free one is here (go to the bottom of the page):


BTW, you can use ATK-Reaper to place audio sources in an ambisonic field but that app is $60 for a personal version. I’m looking for a freebie pan-pot placement to B-format app. No luck so far.


I found out recently you can synthesize something of a postional sound with blender, since you can render 4-channel audio within blender, (I am guessing WXYZ but its not ambisonic).:

Just needs converting to a 16bit 44.1k which high fidelity uses (I think its 32 bit by default from blender). Separately, you can also convert the 4 channel wav file into an amb file via a perl script I found, but hifi accepts the wav, so didnt bother. Need to read up on it more.

But the question was injecting it via Assignment Client scripts to the Audio mixer though. Right now I just have a simple entity using the ambient sound sscript… but not sure if thats the effect I want to put.)

You can hear the use at my domain, Nexus.