Here is a great video showing Cello Joe doing his thing last week


Here is a longer version of Cello Joe playing last week. You get to see his setup in our office wearing the PrioVR.


I totally know Cello Joe! Met him at last year’s decompression. Small world, yeah?
Here’s a link to his Facebook page -
Cello Joe is not only the greatest BeatBox/Cello Player around, but he does this whole thing where he travels around the country on a bicycle and uses bicycle power to power the amps at different gigs. So he will pick some volunteers from the audience and have them peddle as he goes. He has toured Europe in this way too.
Totally cool guy.


@webdood that is awesome. He is great and his songs are fantastic.


Great event! I like the thought of having distributed virtual realtime events, the possibilities are endless.

But did anybody notice the annoying sound problems? IMHO we have to arrange a workforce to solve that asap.

I’m after those issues since weeks, there are several problems that add up. Not having the time to fully work through all of them lets my work on that issues remain static.

@HighFildelity: Please post a contact of a developer that got assigned.
@Community: Please post if you want to team up.