Hey trying to get this avatar


Hey I am trying to get this avatar to work for my life, I feel like I’m making some small error thats screwing it all up. Ill post the two files below the fbx and the fst one’s. The fst one never loads.




Lol figured it out, I’m dumb


How did you generate your fst?




What are you doing at step 7?

  1. Now go back to Interface, and in the Settings > Avatar menu, paste into the Appearance field, the url you just copied above:

I have no Settings > Avatar menu? Is there a way to view your avatar in your sandbox without having it approved in the store?


Since v 70 we have the Avatar app



They talk about it in the Beta Release 70 currently too.


Must be the new build but I don’t have that option when I press the settings button:


sorry next to the chains is it to find to put the link url inside.


OK, then your avatar must be approved before you can test it in your sandbox… not what the original directions say… I think this is a change in the interface.


Not really. It only need to be publicly available on the net.


Fair… but I don’t seem to have this option in the newest version of the client…


The appearance section from the older version is the link in the new Avatar app. It will ask for the URL of the FST, much like it was in the older Appearance section of Avatar settings.


You click here:


And paste the .fst url here:


then you get your avatar.

You can click on “Add to Favorites” after that.

(This UI as we said… is, from a communication point of view, a full train of confusions. The “Add to favorite” should be under the fst and the wearable selector … because it’s in that order that people use that. I guess they will review it.)


Thank you Alezia, that was what I was missing… now to figure out why my avatar is waist high on the floor!


If this can help:

and the little update over that:



Those look like good tuts… thank you for that. I’m trying to get a workflow working using solely Makehuman and Blender. Relying on Adobe to provide a free product doesn’t sound like wisdom to me. Eventually, it won’t be free and everyone will be stuck.

I can export the Makehuman avatar and using the Blender Makehuman plugin following this workflow:

If I choose the option in Makehuman export “Feet on the ground” my avatar floats about a foot off the ground in HiFi. If I uncheck this option my avatar is stuck in the floor about waist high.

The FBXoMap tut on dealing with transparency issues looks like it has some real interesting information that I will digest when I have time.


Hey Olga, I talked to you last night in your boring old standart avatar, then I crashed, mid sentence :frowning:

anyway, i see a few issues with your avatar and they look similar to the problems i was having with mixamo before i gave up on it and started fighting blender instead.

  1. rotation seems wrong, i think think the model should be oriented so that it loads into mixamo “right way up” instead of using the rotate buttons, could be wrong through, it’s been a while.

  2. head & neck bones are rotated weirdly, see 1.

  3. too many verticies, a lot of loose and internal geometri. I have the same problem with models made in Oculus medium, they are a mess and need a lot of cleanup before rigging.

  4. no fingers, mayby make it with straight finger and then attach the controllers seperatly in hifi (i dont know how)

I am no stranger to the disapointment of making a creation you are really proud of and then being unable to show it off due to technical issues you don’t understand so i went ahead and fixed it up a bit, the rigging and weight painting is…well… sub par at best but it’s proof that she can hang out in hifi and look pretty :smile:

EDIT: dead links removed.


I agree, It might happen one day.
But If I have to craft my avatar in blender for each single piece of clothes I want to add, this doesn’t seem too much a better option to me. (Clothes that could not be sell on the marketplace because it won’t fit on any other avatar.)
I don’t think the current solutions are viable for a large audience in any case.


Why won’t clothes fit properly on MakeHuman avatars? Do they have to have the same size constraints as the wood manikin avatar or is there some other technical reason?


Clothes (soft attachment) are build a over s specific mesh (the body’s one).