Hf client crashes on start, "system thread exception not handled"


I’m using a 64bit Windows 10 machine with an Nvidia GTX 1070 with the latest drivers. The interface loads, I can hear people talking, graphics start to render, and BAM! This error comes up and my computer restarts. I’ve never had any game or application give me this error before.

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I forgot to mention that this happens with the Steam client and non-Steam client as well.


Can you try the latest build (updated yesterday) and let us know if it is still happening? Did you get a “Drat! - BugSplat” window? If so, can you submit that if it crashes again. Thanks.


Just wanting a clarification, did you mean that he Interface app crashed? Or, did you mean Windows crashes and your computer restarted? If the latter is happening, that suggests a driver crashed. It is best to run not with the latest experimental drivers but with the latest verified drivers.


Yes, my machine is crashing at the driver level and restarts my computer.

What I did to troubleshoot…

  1. Used DDU to restart in safe mode and completely uninstalled my drivers.
  2. Installed the latest official drivers released today.
  3. Installed the latest hf, released yesterday
  4. Started hf, crashes after a few seconds.

So the problem is still there for me. This is my current setup…

Nvidia Drivers: v375.86
HighFidelity: Beta 5695
Windows 10: Build 14942.rs_prerelease.161003-1929

I am participating in Microsoft’s Insider Preview program. That might be important for you to know. I have approximately 20 other games on my machine at the moment and none of them are crashing.

One other bit of info, the file that Windows says might be responsible for the crash is dxgmms2.sys.


Oh, still running 375.70 here. Mabye try that version and see if it works.


375.70 was the version of the drivers that crashed on me when I initially started this thread I’m afraid.


Oh, your running on isider beta release of windows ? And not a final release ? Could be a problem to.


Installed Nvidia version 375.86 on windows Version 10.0.14393 Build 14393
and i teleported in desktop mode to playem welcome, pumpkin and back to simsquare. and have not seen any problem with this quick test. Nvidia GF980


Maybe, but not certain. The two most common cause of graphics related BSOD is an access exception caused by back references of the GPU to RAM that got deallocated by the driver, notably VBOs and other dynamically streamed data, and, the driver running too long in the first level interrupt handler or DPC. There are watchdog timers that detect long running DPCs. That second one has a lot of bearing to callbacks to OpenGL or other abstraction graphics middleware. The kernel dump that is taken has a lot of good information about the nature of the failure and perhaps HF devs might want to have a look. @GrimBracken, ask them whether they want to look at that dump.


Just arrived here browsing for BSOD since I was experiencing it since some days.
I also did have an insider beta release of windows and since it matched your problem, I decided to complete reinstall windows 10 pro removing the insider beta and staying on the stable trunk. This actually resolved theproblem (just had to install latest nvidia driver version otherwise images were wrong).

So I can confirm that latest insider preview is NOT working with HiFi.


I have to check on this with the graphics team PM, but it is often the case that insider builds have tighter tolerances on long running DPCs (uber high priority work). This is done to catch drivers that stay too long at high priority which then ruins the real-time experience of the rest of the system.

This is why earlier I suggested sending the kernel dump to the devs here. The error code would be obvious if that was the cause. If you run on Windows 10, the error looks like this: