HF Docs Official Wiki Read Here




High Fidelit ? well that’s what i see top left.
No script doc api section ?

It still looks good.


How does the wiki relate to the official “docs”: https://highfidelity.com/docs ?
The wiki seems to be a duplicate of the docs which leads to questions such as:

  • Is the wiki going to replace the docs?
  • If the docs are updated is the wiki automatically udpated? And vice versa?

@Richardus.Raymaker: The wiki’s API pages … see the link at the bottom of the “Create” column in the wiki’s home page.


I see, i would like to have that on better place. as usefull link sounbds usefull. because many need it.


@ctrlaltdavid I was surfing the forum and stumbled upon this from an @ozan post about subsurf scattering. I clicked it and figured… yeah, that probably looks official. :slight_smile:


I can confirm this is official, but it is still in progress and that’s why we haven’t announced it or directed people to it yet.


Sometimes I’m the problem-child of the metaverse. :blush: hahaha.


It’s all good! We’re working on getting the content updated and organized in order to have a good starting place for the community.