HF for replacing web conferences




  • HF is somehow inheriting from the good stuff of Second Life,
  • the proposed functionality below was almost off the shelf in Second Life and Opensim,
  • and HF is already 3 years old, so not a baby

for a corporate customer who wants to replace their web confs with a 3D virtual world environment,

I would need to get answers to the following key questions:

  1. on a suitable configured server, can HF handle 30-40 simultaneous avatars/users in a given place mostly doing voice chat, text chat and looking at slides and videos ?
  2. is there a good way to create and assign differentiated avatars to each of the above 30-40 users ?
  3. is it possible to setup “presenters” (boards or so) in-world for PPT (or PDF) slideshows and videos to be watch synchronously by these above users ?
  4. is there an easy way for users to “tag” (or so) their avatar with their name, so that other users immediately recognise them ?

Thanks in advance for your responses and recommendations,


I think you can find some info here.



Yes, for sure. Best part of this is due to Hifi architecture, you would only need to spin up a suitable amazon/cloud instance for the duration of the event…

Yes and no… choice is a little bit limited now… and the best avatars that are freely available end up showing up often. There is a workflow for importing Fuse / Mixamo avatars, it’s fairly advanced, but if given enough time a ‘vr power user’ could certainly create a small army of distinct unique avatars.

Yes, I have been using joinme to share my desktop during blender courses with much of success. Hifi supports most external websites and services through the webentity

There is a script available in the marketplace that does this.

Overall I would suggest that Hifi is currently a best in class choice of next-gen vr platforms for live meetings, anything really social. Also, if you are using VR headsets, then by far it is the smoothest and most seamless experience when we start getting many avatars in the space…



Thank you Richardus. True, scaling will not be a problem.


Hi whyroc, thank you !

Btw: I tried to download Fuse but Adobe does not show it in the popup list of available apps, maybe because my IP is in Europe who knows … will have a look again.
Is there another good recommanded source site for HF-compatible avatars, even non-free ?

Join Me: is it that one you are talking about ? : https://slack.com/apps/A18QB0R4P-joinme

Many thanks again,


mixamo fuse works for europe. At least for me.
Did you made adobe account first and login ?
After that it need to be downloadable from yur account.



Join me:


free version continues to work after paid trial expires.

Technically any game-ready avatar asset could be imported into Hifi via .FBX with advanced skillz in Blender or Maya.

Morph3d Ready room (by Daz) is also supposedly being integrated with Hifi. I haven’t tried it myself, but other members have reported it should be called ‘not ready room’ instead, https://www.morph3d.com/ready-room

The advantage of Fuse->Mixamo is you will also get the facial blendshapes which allow for the avatar to appear to talk and move eyebrows etc.



Hi Richardus,

Yes I am logged in my own account but the popup does not list FUSE, which should be the first in the list based on the sample popup Adobe Cloud shows up in the help. Also the indicated potential reasons for not showing up some apps, do not apply to me in terms of Win environment (Win 8.1 in my case). A nightmare. Will try tomorrow from another laptop.

Thank you,


Thank you whyroc.

I would like to really be able to try Fuse/Maximo but as said in a previous reply it it not proposed by the Adobe Cloud popup’s list to me. Why ? Don’t know. Maybe someone can give me access to his/her downloaded Fuse package ?

Let’s see …


Now on the right pc.


Then i click the download button top right.After that i get a question.
“Fuse: start your free trial” After that you need to download the CreativeCloudSet-Up.exe as far i remember you need to install that and download / install fuse from there.

You get instruction on in the browser,

After that i killed the clud stuff from auto starting,
because it’s annoying and useless.
Mabye that killed fuse on my system. or the fbx converter removal broke fuse.


I have a CC subscription so it just appeared in the app list, hopefully you can get it sorted out, no regional restrictions as far as I know…


On my current Win 8.1 PC, on that Fuse page I also clicked the download, got the free trial question and downloaded the CreativeCloudSet-Up.exe file, opened it and got that famous popup with a long list of downloadable apps … but not Fuse on it (while apparently it should be in first position on it) ! Cannot figure out why … (and I’m an old IT guy :disappointed_relieved:)

Thank you,


You’re not in France are you?

" available as an English-only desktop app in all geographies where Creative Cloud is offered, with the exception of France and Quebec."



oh my god … that should be the reason … need to relocate to a non french-speaking country ? or transform my IP address ?

thanks very much whyroc - you pointed out the reason I’m pretty sure … but I’m not sure there’s a solution ?!


I’m from Quebec… and I have been able to get it. Note that use english on the web. I suppose they apply this limitation because of the law about software (they must be in french in Quebec). (but they can’t really apply it to Canada so… in France, that’s probably another story)


Try with a proxy… maybe it will work… and create anew account where you are from US… Maybe it will work… enfin, peut-être…


Just throwing my two cents in, if text chat is a must, you’ll have to make sure all users are running a text chat script of some kind (there is one available on the marketplace), though if all users have access to a mic and/or a VR headset, then this won’t be too big of an issue.

As for Mixamo/Fuse, I got mine from Steam.



So there’s at least 2 solutions- here are they for other people who could be in similar situation :

I now downloaded it from Steam and it works well.That’s Fuse 1.3 - 2014 from Maximo.
I also changed my language in CC preferences to english and suddenly Fuse appeared on the CC apps downloading menu - so I also downloaded it from there and started it. That’s Fuse 2015.1.0 from Adobe and it seems to work well too.

Many thanks to all of you !


Ohh, 1.3 ! that one have a few more avatars. interesting… but the new one have a better looking ui.


Hello, a few more questions regarding that HF world’s needs:

  • the HF test world is for a worldwide corporation, and to be installed on one of its INTRANET, Windows servers, protected with a strong Firewall : is HF installable on intranets and work from behind Firewalls ?

  • there will be 30-40 simultaneous users/avatars with medium-size world contents (like Floating Space Cantina, from marketplace), up to 5 webentities (for pdf, videos, …), a number of additional scripts running, with text chat script configured and also voice available all around : what server size do you think would be needed, like e.g. 8 GB RAM, quadcore CPU and 25 Mbits/s bandwidth at server level ?

  • what do you think is the best mechanicsfor users to authenticate, so that strong security is available ?

  • (optional) can users access the HF world domain using https instead of http ?

Thank you !