HFC and Inventory


how will the hifi coin transactions be tied into inventory? the dev claim no tie of coin to the user login; but how? if i buy a dress on one account from wallet, and a shirt on different account from wallet, then how to have access to both shirt and dress???


Good question. My take on it was that the avatar name isn’t linked to the account name. Ie just because my avatar is called Judas doesn’t mean it’s my real name and I can name my avatar a different thing at will different to say second life where you’re stuck with ur name . Your log in info is unique and I guess is what’s tied to the money
How that tracks with the contact list is anyone’s guess


My bet is it will be tied to your wallet. I am hoping assets will be encrypted using your wallet as well (maybe with multi-signature encryption for people who bought the product). The trick would be what happens when you sweep all your HFC and assets to a new wallet. I am assuming proof-of-ownership will also be wallet-based, so transferring ownership to a new wallet is likely something we would need.