HFC... How will we get them?


I would like to know how we will initially be able to get our hands on HiFi Coins.


As i understand it they have set up a room you have to go to to get them


Better yet, where do I enter this lottery for who gets to mine them? (It will be a lottery right? Or will it be favoritism?).


Hopefully the process is better than what Decentraland did.

The users there are… not very happy


@Theanine I agree! Centralization leads to whales controlling supply. Extreme favoritism and elitism. It’s my guess that only people willing to blow for them will get them at first. People like me who care enough to be critical won’t have a chance. It’s the same way the federal reserve works. The only people who get any value out of money are the people who get the new supply, which lowers the value of all currency already in the system once they spend it.

Smart people will end up using bitcoin instead.


I still want to know how we can get some HFC though…


You know how Ur the crypto currency expert why not apply for the job


There’s a lot of reasons why I would not do that. If they want to hire me as a contractor paid in HFC and able to mine it I might do it but I would never want to be an employee.

It will probably be hard for them to find a good crypto programmer who is willing to work as a full-time employee. Most of the good ones are probably already doing their own thing and stand to make a lot more money than a company would ever pay them.

I already suggested they use Multichain. It can do what they want it to and it is not all that hard to use. It is also open source.


What they want isn’t even a full time job. Once it is set up there’s not much left to do except add functionality which isn’t that hard either.


Fine, I will do it but I want a brand new company car (Tesla X), paid housing (a private home in Silicon Valley), paid meals (including all the beverages I can drink), a stake in the crypto coin (at least 20%), a large private office (or work at home and only go to the office for meetings), hot secretary, full health insurance, a decent-sized expense account and LOTS of time off (3 day work week). All non-negotiable.


After reviewing your list, YOU’RE HIRED!!