HFC its the future of the metaverse


I have been working on a system of hands free calling that i snappily named HFC and have invested my lifes savings in the concept of hands free calling it HFC

Im due to launch this make or break project today and hope I will gain everones support in this venture

what could go wrong


Now I can use HiFi while I drive!


HFC will be for sure for the most of us the first contact with Blockchain.


I’m assuming HFC will be a hard fork of Bitcoin…


Ahh can’t wait to hear that clinking coins money sound again :slight_smile:



Look forward to trying it out! :headphones:




This is more or less how I keep the projector remote from leaving the computer labs where I work!

See? Blockchain solves yet another problem!


I have hastily mocked up a bank based around our new currency
I’d like feedback on my progress


This is fantastic I have been waiting for HFC and now its really coming.

Now I can utilize this new technology to improve my High Fidelity experience. :slight_smile: cant wait.



At least it won’t be “ozone depleting”. :wink:



Remote security utilizing blockchain methods.

This one isn’t the exact system I implemented in our labs, but it is the inspiration for it. (My version, the chain is bolted to the front presentation desk, rather than a chunk of railway track!)


I bet it still dissapears


Originally I had a nice-looking 2mm stainless steel cable on it, but someone managed to cut it. :face_with_raised_eyebrow: