Hi, everyone. Please pardon the dust


You may have noticed the forums were riddled with old topics popping up seemingly out of nowhere today. That’s my fault, and I do apologize for the discomfort. I was categorizing all of the threads in the forum that had not yet been categorized. This was the first part of a general effort to provide better organization for the forum topics.

If you see a thread that has ended up in an incredibly wrong spot and it bothers you (believe me, I can relate), please shoot me a message.

The next thing on the forum agenda will be assessing the categories themselves to make sure they meet the needs of the High Fidelity community, as these will eventually become more prominent on the forum front page. If you have thoughts on new categories, or changing or merging existing ones, let me know either here or in a PM. The goal is to make it fit the needs of the High Fidelity community in a way that also plays nicely with growth.

Thanks so much for your patience. I’m looking forward to working with you all.