Hi Fi Online Users Android App


Here’s my first pass at making a HiFi Android app.

It simply lists who is currently online and viewable by anyone.

If the user is only visible to friends or not visible to anyone they won’t show in the app.

I re-wrote my parser to handle users that are logged in but not in a region. So I guess now it’s a second pass.


Yes, but does it support Android Wear?



@Jherico What have you got ?


Are you asking me what kind of Android watch I have, or are you asking me what I’ve come up with in terms of android user tracking?

I was pretty much joking, because I suspect I’d be the absolute only user of an Android wear app that tracked Hifi user online status, but I have actually written Wear apps before. This one in fact: http://www.engadget.com/2014/11/18/amazon-app-android-wear-smartwatch/


What kind of Android. And as you mentioned it the tracking.


Awesome! I want to figure how to tweet about that… are you going to put it somewhere for people to try out?


I have the original LG G watch, and my wife has the Moto 360. I haven’t done any work on the user tracking stuff though.


I don’t mind testing it out on my Android Dev device or my Daily Driver.


Thanks for the support guys.

I’m refactoring the code I wrote as it is pretty dumb.
I have now written the grand total of 1 Android app(let).

I’d like to add some additional functionality and test some more.
Yesterday my home-brew JSON parser was throwing a fit and returning nothing ( blank screen ) every time Caitlyn was in the middle of the list. So that was strange and still unexplained.

The app is very bare-bones and primitive at the moment and I’d like to learn a little more Android before I get anyone else to try it. I’ve got a bunch of android devices here to test on in addition to the emulators available in Android Studio. When I’m happy that it isn’t going to make anyone’s device freeze up or other mayhem inducing weirdness I’ll let some people try it.

Primarily I want to have it check that the phone is connected to wi-fi before making the HTTP request.
And to add the ability of the user to add/remove themselves or others to an ignore list in the device.
After that get it to have choices such as display only friends.

I’d like it if you folks could think of some functionality to add.


I suggest using gson for that json parsing.

Makes things much more tolerable. Even a step further and using stuff like squareup’s libraries such as retrofit and okhttp to make it even more easier.

No need to reinvent everything from scratch :slight_smile:


Menithal. I wanted to write my own parser and I did. :))