HIFI AI bot script


I want to share a script for an AI bot, that can be used with an avatar.
You can see a demo of it on MEDACADEMY domain.
It is based on A.L.I.C.E. aiml bot. You can edit the aiml library to personalize it.
A brief tutorial on aiml (artificial inteligence markup language) could be find here:

  1. Download the archive:
  2. Unpack the archive on your computer.
  3. Install python https://www.python.org/downloads/release/python-371/
  4. Set the environment: open a cmd console and run:
pip install virtualenv
pip install virtualenvwrapper-win
  1. Install the python needed packages by typing in terminal:
pip install flask
pip install ai
pip install aiml
pip install gTTS
pip install pygame
  1. Run the server.py script, by double click on it
  2. Open a chrome browser and point it at: localhost:3000
  3. Select your language and click “Speak & Convert Your Voice” button
  4. Allow permission for your microphone
  5. Talk with your bot.

To use this script as an avatar, you must install the virtual cable driver:

On your browser set as a microphone source: Cable Output
In High Fidelity set Output device to Cable Input and the Input Device to Stereo Mix Realtek Audio.

Have Fun!