Hifi API Documentation?


First Question is of course: is there some decent documentation about the Hifi Script API and i’m just too blind to find it?
If yes, please just help me to it, and i’m happy.

If not…

I know the Script API is in an Alpha Stage and very likely to change almost every day, but right now, my only source to find information about it, are the script examples and the output of the currentAPI.js, and digging through the Hifi source Code to find out how it works, which is a kinda exhausting process.

So…wouldn’t it be the time to start something like a wiki or so to start documenting the API to somehow flatten the learning curve for the API and prevent us from doing the same mistakes over and over again? I would be happy to contribute…

hifive everyone…





Left side, look for the API section.


Well yes, i did find that…but from my point of view, that covers only about a few % of the script API…


The main issue is the fact that the software is still -ever- evolving, its really difficult to start doing documentation right now as things are changing constantly. Be free however to start a work list and bid for the task however.


See also the script, currentAPI.js. It prints out a summary of the current API as determined at runtime. Examples of most API methods can be found by searching in the \examples scripts directory and subdirectories.



I’ve noticed quite a lot of discrepancies; and apologies for launching this list half-finished. I’m continuing to work on it today. The hard part isn’t printing out the entire API, it’s making it DOM friendly for ease of use, and style points. I’m having trouble separating the primary OBJ and it’s sub properties, for example, Camera.stuff is falling into AvatarList.

But it’s at a minimum better than the what is listed on the docs page. o.O sorry, not sorry. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve used the currentAPI.js and rolled something into an easy to read format.

Happy Weekend ALPHAS!

http://metaversecafes.com/SMU64/hifi_api.html open in new tab.


We could use something like this that automatically updates!