HiFi, blender orginal textures. FBM?


Just tried my window again. transparency is converted into wood :open_mouth:
But the real strange part is that high fidelity just add by itself soem url to orginal textures.
.FBM ? FBM ? i dont have or use FBM

Not know what FBM means too, something is still wrong.

Ok that the whole object is wood is possible because the fbx previewer is not showing materials too. already strange because i really told it to save it with textures.




I try to make windows, door etc. using painmt shop pro. i know how to make alpha images. Only high fidelity or blender repsond weird on it sometimes.



Heya @Richardus.Raymaker,

I went through your model, here are the notes:

Notes of the Model::

  • General: Separate the faces that have transparent materials from the frame: (Separate the objects from each other, see the blend file one I send you back in DM)
  • General: Texture file has a space in it (not good for urls, see URL standards, http://www.ietf.org/rfc/rfc1738.txt ), so if the texture is not bundled into the file it can cause issues.
  • Texture name within Blender: Have periods See image: fix these to make sure you do not get UV mapping issues / broken material selection in High fidelity, this is something to do with the fst files)

As a side note I noticed that High Fidelity doesn’t seem to respect the paths defined in the bin fbx file. (Will need to file a bug report if possible), as a side note, there should be an error texture if the file cannot be loaded: my logs show that the textures are not found, unless the model is referred to as fst or in the same folder.

So as a temporary work around, either package have the textures in the same directory as the model. Will have to run some more experiments thought, as it does seem the packager doesnt also do it properly (need to investigate cause)


Thanks @Menithal

One note for now, the 2 textures in the list are added automatic by blender. I never did add that by myself. because i avoid .dot’s in materials and textures.

So now i need to figure out how that happens and how to rename it. All the other things i need to check in my file.

High Fidelity need to fix the dot problem soon. because this costs only time for everybody.

ADD: just checked , i see why i did not notice the dot in the UV-map section. it’s on my secondary low res screen, and the last part of the file name is hidden. Now i know it , it’s easy to fix i think. Still high Fidelity can betetrv fix that bug soon.


Yeah I can understand that: Blender does the adding of the texture names by default, which can cause issues (I havent looked into the issues yet). There should be more tolerance for the file naming type.


I just tried it with my fbx file by removing the dot’s in the uv mapo names. but still no look in high fidelity. keep having transparence on whole object and no texture.

Doing something else wrong. look at it tomorrow.

Hmm, just reading back. i like to have spaces in filenames ,
otherwise search don’t find much. and why is hifi not converting spaces automatic to %20 ? But i always try to embed the texture in the file.


Try the model file I sent you, it was working on my end: just make sure the textures arein the same directory and the
SimSquare Glass.png is named to SimSquareGlass.png


I found today when i wanted to try @judas workflow by saving the textures in the blender file that i did have one texture in the uv image list that i don’t use, cannot be removed and where not found.

So at the end i decided to replace that image for existing one and renamed it. That did upload straight without problems. Or high fidelity have fixt the bug already too.

Anyway, it start to look good with me and blender. :smile: