Hifi Builders Club - a collaboration experiment


We’ve got plans for a unique experiment in collaborative world building. Are you creative?

Are you are interested in:

*practicing your skill or craft with like minded artists and scripters?
*in-world building with a pre-made set of objects?
*writing, or character creation?
*doing voices for characters?
*owning or managing a piece of the experience?

If so, please PM me here. (let me know your day and time preference for office hours type meet up)

I’m sure you will have a bunch of questions, I will announce the kick off date and time shortly after hopefully getting some good feedback here :slight_smile:

whyroc aka

Corey Evans



Bump… and changed title,

@rabelaiis has expressed interest in it as well, thanks!


I want to build experiences that need a social element and have game like qualities. I can do many aspects of VR development but cannot do it all. (and no way in any kind of reasonable time frame)

I have some creative ideas I want to explore but am not limited to them, and can offer models and art for your projects as well as some handy tools like an inventory script, stats engine that I am working on.

If interested, lets arrange a regular meeting to discuss how it can work… leave your availability here and we can start it up in a week or so.




Note: It seems that only “Vorbis ogg” stream are working. I don’t know if this can be a problem for any live stream.
There is lot of source on Icecast.org


I think a club is a great idea, I wonder if we could feature music made by fidelians? A stream is good but real audio is better because we can place it in location in world, and have rights to it as well.

One other comment, I seem to be having performance/throttling issues with playing alot of sounds in the domain, any tips appreciated.

Best 3d club I saw was in Mass Effect 2, it was still pretty effective with a looping audio track, somehow just felt comfortable to be there.

What do y’all think? what is important in a club for you? Is there something (ideas or asset) you would like to make? Club theme?



We don’t have too much choice:

  • Web entity: which can play a icecast stream in Vorbis ogg, That’s stereo but it’s domain wide. But someone using icast could make a live broadcasted event in stereo.
  • Voice: It has a specific emission position an not play domain wide. But the source is mono. This is also possible to broadcast a live event with this.
  • Mono Sounds: It can have a specific emission position an won’t play domain wide. Broadcasting live is not really possible (or extremely complex). This is mono. and this uses WAV file which is heavy to load.
  • Stero Sounds: This is only domain wide. Broadcasting live is not really possible (or extremely complex). This uses WAV file which is heavy to load.
  • Ambisonic Sounds: It has a specific emission position an won’t play domain wide. Broadcasting live is not really possible (or extremely complex). The source are rare. I have not found so far any easy way to convert a stereo sour to ambisonic in any faked ways.

These are the option we have in the case if we would like to plug music in a place.


I’ll be establishing a presence on the domain Earth. Can’t say when or how often, but I have the intention of finishing the Wheel before the end of the year. Yes, it should be able to be enjoyed as an attraction, not just something that can be looked at.

After that, I’ll consider bringing in the Alpha Quintessance depends entirely on traffic uptake.

Happy to be helping…

I tend to talk to myself while I work. Sure will be nice to have someone else around so I don’t feel as crazy. :smiley:


AFIS lights and Lear Jet in place…


Can we have this?


Hum, now I don’t see where this is going…

The signal I got from the last threads is that we have 112640 km2 of more or less built space for an average of what… 8 people online.
Starting with the fact that people attract peoples, we need to have people more concentrated.

Where are those 8 people, they are on the 6 welcome domain. Probably because there is a permanent presence there which attach people.

I was thinking that if we had a collective project (1 domain) it could trigger a synergy minimally because we would be in that domain per self-investment.

It has been also question of what people expect to do in such world.
I think this is a good start to make a circle around what we should invest on.
If you think they come in-world to visit 112640 km2 of empty building, maybe they will be better on Sansar to wait to see nice empty things.

I think they want to meet people in priority, and interact with them.

On my part, I’m ready to put on hold my domain to work on such project that could aim that objective.
For sure, I don’t think it could be Earth.
I think the idea is to build collectively on a same building, not to build each one our little building in a same place. (Earth by the way is too heavy to download)

I talked about building a club… It was just an idea… It was based on the fact that it’s in the top activities that people do in SL.

It could be other definitely thing, maybe we can just make a list of projects and see after which one is going to be inline with what people what to do the most in a virtual world, then starts with the one in top of that list. And do the second of that list when the population will have grown enough.

We can also do nothing… let people only goes in the existing welcome area, but see many not come back because they don’t recognize them-self in those 6 domains that are in fact quite all the same color.


I agree, I’m not too concerned about where its hosted, and if we can get support (effort and $) that’s great, but the project will need 100% creative control over all aspects down to server settings etc. Start with a very small area, and grow from there.

What we need is a place name so we could potentially move it around server-wise and access to backups.

In conjunction with the spectator camera contest I am planning some videos to show things I’m currently working on and would be happy to share sources etc…, it’s pretty sci-fi themed I know that’s not to everyone’s taste I can certainly give some walkthroughs or demos.



Okie dokies, how about ‘Friday night lights’ builders consortium?

@rabelaiis @XaosPrincess @Alezia.Kurdis @AlphaVersionD + any others who are interested!!

I’m going to ask Jess to add a calendar event, this coming Friday to start 19:00 - 21:00 PST. Location to follow, I’m thinking we can visit a different domain each week, or return to maker if we need to do some building or demos until a plan materializes.

We will be using text chat as a primary means of communication, voice for those who have it.

-Meet and greet
-Do we want to build a dance club type of place?
-What do you want to learn?
-What do you enjoy working on the most in 3d/VR?
-I can do a demo on something like PBR materials from blender, or avatar creation etc…
-Build something collaboratively (small item along decided theme)
-How can we fund and organize this venture into the collaborative unknown??



I’m going to be on vacation for the next two Fridays so I wont be able to make the first two meetings.

I have a good amount of scripting experience but limited modeling experience (I’ve dabbled with blender and substance painter).
I’m excited to learn more about modeling and I always enjoy scripting.

I don’t have a strong preference on what we build although it would be neat if there was some scripting.
For funding, if we have a good proposal we could make a post and a bid on high fidelity’s worklist. I think Philip also said we could email him if we have a good larger scale vision. We could also set up a patreon account. I’ve done a few worklist jobs but have not used patreon before.


I will be out next week as well, but plan to be online this week during the above time slot. @rabelaiis yes no modelling experience required. The idea is to have complementary skills that are needed to make something interactive and fun. Plan to start the weekly meetups starting in September added to calendar.


I will be there this week too.


@Alezia.Kurdis are you online? I’m in maker now for a while if anyone wants to chat about collaboration.


Just wanted to say a big thanks to everyone who turned up for Friday night lights last week, I should have done a role call. We had six builders converge on the wonderful maker domain to talk shop. Key takeaways:

@whyroc, @Alezia.Kurdis , @AlphaVersionD, @humbletim, @darlingnotin, michelle?

If you did attend and I missed you or if you didn’t and I got your name wrong, please add your handle below (Indicate your forum handle as well as inworld nametag)

  1. First project will be to build a lobby to act as a center for further developments
  2. Lobby will be sci-fi themed with inspiration drawn from a number of sources
  3. Experiences will have elements of audio, scripting, and 3d models/ visuals
  4. Mission for club members: For next meeting (not this Friday but next) Come with some inspiration , what would you like to include in the lobby? what is important to you in terms of visual theme or style?
  5. Overall goal is to build some experiences that have a tight narrative and game-play wise are very accessible. Preference is for linear type of adventure experiences along the lines of classic Atari Pitfall.

Looking forward to next meeting where we can talk more about our skills and what we want to accomplish in a bit of a round table format before going into the project details.

thanks a bunch!


I think you tagged the wrong Michelle…


Ok sorry about that, I will get the right michelle after next meetup.


Nice initiative. 7pm is however 4am in Stockholm. Not saying that it’s the wrong time, just that there probably is a potential for even more collaborators with two alternatives.


I hear you and totally agree. I’m sure we have all had issues dealing with time zones. Please let us know what time zones you prefer we could certainly have a session for east and west. We are also going to set up an offworld collaboration tool like confluence or jira (couple options being discussed) this should help bridge the time zone barrier.