Hifi Builders Club - a collaboration experiment


Ohh PST not EST. See you in a few hours.

I set up a Pinterst board for factory inspiration. Message me your email or follow me on pinterest if you want to add more images: http://pin.it/Hxazfui


Things have been progressing, slowly but surely… but we need your help :slight_smile:

Getting a great turnout for the weekend sessions, thanks everyone, what can we do to make it easier for new folks to get involved?

We need to get some branding together and a good picture for the theFactory in the the Go places menu. Any ideas? 2d designers or photoshop hobbyist want to take a stab at our logo?

I am out again this weekend, but plan to have a make-up session Thursday night, if anyone is interested will walk through a simple prop creation and import in blender / substance painter.



Hi hifiers, this weekend will be the last of this series. Sat Dec 2nd 10:00am - 11:00am (PST)

It will be and AMA session… I can answer any questions about making 3d assets, other virtual worlds, plans for the future…

Truthfully we have had some mixed success with this project, It’s not going away but it may end up morphing into something different, new meeting time, possibly with a new direction.

Thanks to @humbletim and @Midnight and everyone who has contributed!


Is Earth still around I had a place I was working on and was going to have free items for user’s but without Internet it’s going to take time .
Hugs to everyone.


Hey Bill, yes Earth is still around but not connected to this builders club.

It has been offline for the last week as I wait for some developments in the cloud solution.
Paying for a 16G dedicated server month after month to accomodate less than 2 users a month became a waste of money and resources, so I scaled back proportionally to the number of active users in Hifi.
I am now going to run it on a 2G cloud server to keep it active as it has been for over 2 years now.
If and when the user base shows signs of coming to life I will bump it back up.
Everybody’s lots are still there as you left them.


Wow it’s been a very long time but I do wish to get back to the spot and build some great old real life items again for everyone.
Hope your ok and staying young.
Hugs to you all.


If this is still open, I’d be interested. Day and time preference would be M-F and any time between 7 am PDT to 8 pm PDT (10 am EST-11 pm EST which is my time).


Hi, thanks for the support. This kind of fizzled but I have been thinking of a way of refactoring and reintroducing the idea as we move into winter 2018.

Plan to repeat some of the Blender workshops as well…


Sure, let me know if it gets started up at a later date!


(MonavieVoight in HF)