HiFi deployment



I want to test the multi server deployment but I cannot find the way to tell the assignment clients the domain server ip address and the type of the assignment client.

I have found here ( https://github.com/highfidelity/hifi/blob/master/assignment-client/src/AssignmentClientApp.cpp#L145 ) that the type could be an integer so I tryed and I found this relationship:
3 : asset-server
4 : messages-mixer
5 : entity-script-server
6 : entity-server
7 : random
Is this correct?

When I launch two assignment clients of the same type in localhost the domain server only “activates” one of them. Something related with ip/port ? Is possible to run an assignment client of a type in an AWS autoscalling group?

When I launch an assignment-client it connects to the domain on localhost. How can I say to the assignment client that the domain is in other IP address.

Thank you


taken from…

Hopefully that helps.


So hifi scales horizontaly by domain, not by assignment client. This is different to opensim where we have a lot of regions by grid (domain), you can see one region from other and each region has its own “audio-mixer” (assignment client).
Looks like an hypergrid architecture where you can teleport from one grid to other grid (one domain to other) with a limit of users by domain. The limits depend on capabilities of the server where the assignment client is most used.

Assignment clients looks for domain server on localhost. So the other question is: how can I tell the assignment client that the domain server is in other machine?


assignment-client -t X -a REMOTE

Where X = type of ac to run and REMOTE = ip address of remote domain server.