HiFi First Time User Experience and In Need of Assistance


Greetings! I am just starting out with HiFi and managed to successfully install the program on a tower computer. Looking at the program viewer, all that I can see right now is a constellation of stars and one object off in the distance; I’m not sure if I’m supposed to be seeing a default avatar and some plane on which to walk around. So far, I can only use the left and right arrow keys and click on menu options in the top ribbon. I’ve noticed a log-in button, but nothing happens when I click it. I’ve also been able to move from the Hq location to the Sandbox via the web-based directory. What should I do next? I’m not sure if what I’m experiencing is a part of the software experience or if something incorrect is happening.


what is the name you are using in the game.


##Welcome to High Fidelity Alpha,

Its a bit quirky time to be in Hifi and there will be some issues. You will encounter odd issues very now and then, but thats what we do, test…

Right now, the first thing you should see when you login to HQ is the following: this may take some time to load however:

So yes, you should see your avatar. Also I noticed you do not have your default scripts even loaded so you are not even seeing your progress bar at the bottom of your window: this shouldnt be but it seems to be. CC: @chris

Lets first debug your issues:

You may use my domain Centre to test these out, when you arrive you should see some stuff around you:

##Reseting your scripts
If you do not see any UI elements other than the window, try the following

  1. Goto Edit > Preferences or press ctrl + ,
  2. Press Load Default Scripts

You should now see stuff appear on your interface. If not then something has horribly gone wrong and developers would appreciate if you look into your logs .

Finding Your Logs

  1. Goto View > Logs or press ctrl + shift + L
  2. You should see Downloading file at after pressing Load default scripts.

Resolving Issues with LOD

LOD Throttling is quite aggressive in Hifi, but as of the moment many things do not even have LOD models, so stuff tends to “dissapear” instead: to fix this throttle, lets first increase framerates. Do this if stuff appears and then dissapears after rez.

  1. Goto Developer > Render > V-sync On and uncheck it.
  2. Goto Edit > Preferences or press ctrl + ,
  3. Adjust Minimum Desktop FPS to 0. (This disables the throttling completely)

Resolving issue with Hearing Other peoples voice

  1. Goto Edit > Preferences or press ctrl + ,
  2. Adjust Output Buffer Size (Frames) to be Larger.

Hopefully that Helps.