HiFi Flyer June 2015


Yours to enjoy:June HiFi Flyer


Woo HOoooo!!! Thank you! :smile:


Have only read the first line…

black jack, and hookers.

@Adrian said that??!!! :smiley:


I am definitely

on the bus !!!

Who’d want to miss that party?!


Great work @DrFranny


Favorite quote,


“if you don’t have the spare $3,675 that Maya and Max cost to use commercially. Yes I know you all spend more than that on women and drugs most days, but bear with me.”

Can we have an open mic night? I’d really like to just sit and listen. I think you’re hilarious. In all seriousness, it’s why I push myself and my team to create using the open source tools Blender and MakeHuman. I do however have a fashion graduate that uses a special program that does require licensing, but I won’t delve into that here.

Ok, changed my mind here it is…

" If they play safe and predictable we would end up with another Second Life. I think it’s really important that making this Metaverse is not bound by what Second Life users consider essential or expect. "

I’m seriously laughing my ass off right now…

“If you don’t have a microphone, maybe come get one before trying out a next generation virtual reality. Yes, at
some point support for Morse code, smoke signals, and telegrams will be coming, but I would doubt it’s a priority”


@Judas is very quotable. I find myself saying: “Gee, I wish I said that,” but I’m not that smart.