.hifi GTLD? Has it been considered?


Have you guys at hifi considered getting .hifi gtld? Maybe it could reflect our hifi domains as well and allow us to have an actual website to support the in-world domain.


gTLD is very expensive and the window for participation has closed I think.
There have been over 700 new gTLDs introduced in the last year totally diluting the pool of domain names.

It is very expensive to be part of and takes a lot of domain name sales to reach break even point.
Hifi is as yet almost completely unknown and the possibility of breaking even within the next couple of years seems unlikely.


It cost about 100,000$ for a gTld. That’s not very expensive for something like this. There is no window for new ones.



Its actually closer to $185,000 but you’re right to say “That’s not very expensive for something like this.”,
cost is all relative. Its a lot of money to me in fact I think most people would consider it a lot of money.

But you asked a legitimate question, sorry I dont have the answer these are just my thoughts.
Maybe someone from Hifi will answer your question.