HiFi Interface on a Microsoft Surface - A few issues to report


Call me crazy for trying… but hey… things do work on a Surface Pro (mark 1). Slow but pretty much most things operating. Even the avatar animations with the camera when I turn “Visage” on.

I tried because I am still locked out on my normal desktop due to the licensing issue that prevents the Interface starting up on Windows systems after a few hours. Not fixed yet?

shadows on means voxels are not shown

One issue I did notice on the Surface which uses Intel HD 4000 graphics… if I enable shadows in rendering in release 623 , as I like to to see when the avatar is on a voxel plane, then the voxels fail to render completely… I just see the star background. But if I turn shadows off again the voxels come back into view.


I could see shadows fine at same time as voxels on MS Surface Pro (mk 1) in release 625.

But in build 644, I now lose visibility of voxels when shadows are on. Now shadows show as the correct outline but in an orange colour (maybe due to the prim voxel face they SHOULD be on being orange) and no voxels. Or if shadows are off I see then voxels but no shadows.

Shadows Off

Shadows On


Audio Devices Not Picked Up in Interface on Microsoft Surface

We noted in testing between @Chris and myself on build 625 that my audio devices for input and output were not working, yet they work fine normally in the control panel for Windows and in tools like Skype.

I see the following errors in the Interface console indicating an issue perhaps with device names?

[2014-05-23T10:34:44] input device: “Microphone (High Definition Aud”
[2014-05-23T10:34:44] QObject::startTimer: timers cannot be started from another thread
[2014-05-23T10:34:44] “Microphone (High Definition Audio Device)” “Microphone (High Definition Aud”
[2014-05-23T10:34:44] DEBUG [ “Microphone (High Definition Aud” ] [ “” ]
[2014-05-23T10:34:44] “Microphone (High Definition Audio Device)” “Microphone(High Definition Aud”
[2014-05-23T10:34:44] The default audio input device is “”
[2014-05-23T10:34:44] output device: “Speakers (High Definition Audio”
[2014-05-23T10:34:44] Created Display Window.
[2014-05-23T10:34:44] Status: Using GLEW 1.10.0
[2014-05-23T10:34:44] “Speakers (High Definition Audio Device)” “Speakers (High Definition Audio”
[2014-05-23T10:34:44] Initialized Display.
[2014-05-23T10:34:44] DEBUG [ “Speakers (High Definition Audio” ] [ “” ]
[2014-05-23T10:34:44] “Speakers (High Definition Audio Device)” “Speakers (High Definition Audio”
[2014-05-23T10:34:44] The default audio output device is “”
[2014-05-23T10:34:44] Unable to set up audio input because of a problem with input format.
[2014-05-23T10:34:44] Unable to set up audio output because of a problem with output format.


Voxel Build Tools not working via keyboard on MS Surface

Tab key does not bring up the voxel build tools and “0” does not create a voxel on the MS Surface Pro (mark 1) keyboard as far as I can tell.

The voxel build tool not being accessible via tab might be because I don’t have the defaultScripts.js running perhaps? Should it not run automatically when I start the interface?

And this raises the issue of whether all tools ought to have an entry in the top “Tools” menu to let them be brought up and dismissed.


Okay, I reloaded the defaultScripts.js manually and the voxel build tool bar and ability to use tab and 0 came back on MS Surface. So that is not the issue. The problem seems to be that the defaultScripts.js was not running. I loaded this copy manually via the Interface menu…