HiFi logging question


I was wondering if there was any good scripting available to really create some useful data logging. I am trying to use HiFi as a learning environment and want to be able to capture some useful participant data. I do see the debug logs, and some of this is certainly helpful. Is there anything that is currently available that would be beneficial?

Also, it seems that things are logged on a user level. Is there a server wide ability to log that would be differentiated between users?

Is there anything like Google Analytics that could be installed to capture metrics that we could shift through? Any parsing software?


There are no ready made activity logger scripts. There is a pile of scripts and some incomplete tutorials if you are trying to learn. Go here:

Yes. As a domain owner you could write a script to run in an assignment client (part of your server stack). It would run all the time. However, because of strong anonymity design, there is no permanent tag, ID, etc. to differentiate by a specific avatar and certainly not by an RL person. At best you could write a script to collect aggregate data like number of avatars in your domain, but not how often a specific avatar visits your domain.



Thank you for your quick response. I will share any code we end up developing with the community here.


What kind of participant data are you trying to log? Is it motion data? Perhaps you could ask the participants to run an interface script, and use HTTP requests to store data on a webserver