Hifi needs a decent Bug Tracking System


Hifi needs a Bug Tracking System.

The Forum and the Jobs-Worklist are full of Bugreports from Alpha Users with no confirmation about if the Bug reported is even acknowledged by the Developers. So it is possible that a Bug is reported over and over again and not solved, while another one is already solved without any confirmation. Seriously, the Jobs Wordlist isn’t working as a Bugtracking System. A Bugtracking system can help to prevent that one bug is reported over and over again as Users are unaware of the current status. Almost every other Open Source Project i ever saw uses a Bugtracker. It makes Life easier and save a lot of time for Users and of Developers.

I don’t want to test new releases under this circumstances anymore. Please…establish a decent Bugtracking - System.

Don’t get me wrong, i really like this project, and i would love to contribute…but for that we need the proper tools.




Agrees completely.
It would be nice to know that yes we know about it, no we didn’t know about it
1)We are going to fix it
2)We aren’t going to fix it
3)We will fix it eventually.
4)F£$$% you do you know how busy we are.


I’m until now not sure, if the bugs, we report here finds the way to the devs. And also at the worklist I haven’t seen much activity in the last weeks. Some weeks ago I have written there:


I definetly agree…

What also happened to Asana? @chris
And i think this issue will crop up until we have a better method of reporting bugs (worklist seems more for feature bugs, instead of actual client bugs)


Problem in the forum is any problem gets hijacked , diluted augured then eventually lost in a huge thread.

for example

Judas-everything domain keeps vanishing
Richardus-and I still cant see the fonts can u make them bigger
Michelle the new vr headset from spong lets u see fonts bigger
menithal Judas have u tried re aligning the warp core to draw down techtonic reversal
noob i still cant log in i tried 5 pcs and a mac and nothing works why is everyone ignoring me

Before you know it the problem gets lost in a mire oof other peoples problems and I doubt anyone sane has time to trawl through all this stuff.


@Menithal we actively use Asana within the company and move and track most bugs that you guys are reporting within there. I think the best answer to all bugs are “We are going to fix it eventually” . I am happy to talk more about it today at the meetup.


Also here is a list of the current P1 (priority bugs) that we have in the pool. We also have P2 and P3.


ooh look the domain flickering and content vanishing bug is on it, if we knew it was known we coulda all stopped going on about it for like 3 weeks