HiFi: Normal And Specular Using Blender


@Franny was asking how, so I made a quick tute to explain how to apply normal and specular maps to objects for use in HF using Blender


John, you’re an angel, I couldn’t figure how to change the bottom settings in textures to allow things to render as they should have. I will try this now! Thanks again.


@John_Laury - could you do one test for me please? Remake your model precisely same with exception of removing specular texture. Make no other changes. Then compare the two models and tell if it’s actually different in rendered appearance within HiFi.

Also - are you using the stock Blender provided FBX exporter or the third party one?

Don’t update to Blender 2.72 or 2.73 or change anything about the FBX exporter you have now if it’s working correctly. Trust me on that one. :slight_smile:


@OmegaHeron Sure, I’ll do that test and post the result here.


Much appreciated!

My quest is simple. In my tests I’ve found that the Material specular color value is the only impact on shine in HiFi. If I leave as is in Blender default (1.0,1.0,1.0) you get - as expected - a very shiny material appearance. Then add a specular texture having it influence specular coloration. In Blender it modulates the specular color levels leading to a very different appearance, but not in HiFi. If it is working proper with 2.71 then I can use that as a comparison to find where things changed.


Ok, here’s the image, the one on the right is identical to the one on the left with the specular map left completely out, and I didn’t adjust the specular color level in materials… doesn’t seem to make a difference.

Both boxes are up in my domain hifi://Laurasia of you want to go look closer at them, the one with the red ball above it is the non-spec mapped cube.


Thanks John,

That’s unfortunate as I had hoped it would be different. Back to quality time with fbx reader library in HiFi source tree.


Glad to have been helpful… oh, btw, I’m using the stock autodesk importer. Good luck with that and let me know if I can help more.


Specular did weird for me weird. i made 4 squares. because my old logo ius useing that. i think a bit specular is nice. But the resulkt where strange. SO i removed it complete.
If i ahve the following setup.

The upper left one is without specular. the bottom right one is the one where ii turn specular on, after that i did rotate the bject too the light. then the 2 grey squares start to reflect light and the other 2 stay normal.

Anyway, after lots of Arggh Oh, aii. with texture problems and wrong filenames i made another object in blender. Soo things go pretty well.

Did a new test. and now it woirks right. means i did somenthing strange in the other mesh. Back to the drawing board and redo that part,

Redone it and now it’s looking good. not sure what happend.