HiFi public stuff no longer accessible


Up until a bit ago I could use a browser to find stuff at http://public.highfidelity.io/
I found this useful for looking for available scripts, skybox textures, models etc.

All of this has changed now and at best I get a bad key error, but mostly just a blank page. The assets themselves are still there because they still load from the same URLs in Interface. I suppose this is related to ongoing work on the marketplace but I still found just looking them up with a browser easier when using them for stuff.

I also worry that the content itself could eventually be moved which would break anything that uses the old URLs. Wonders if I should make copies of anything I use and host them myself?


@Twa_Hinkle - thanks for pointing this out, had a server side error with that app. Content is safe, public.highfidelity.io is merely a UI that parses directory listings, actual content lives on AWS S3 in a versioned bucket. The service is now recovered.



Thanks, all better now!


That has already happened. The higher poly floating island I used in my domains was removed from the market, or maybe it was renamed with no notice. Whichever reason, those entities are no longer available to me. Yes, I recommend hosting all the entities you wish to render in your domain(s).