HiFi Social Structures


It woud be useful to hear something from High Fidelity about their views on what social structures might be provided.

I think its a big part of virtual worlds that you can create social networks, friends lists to contact those you meet or regularly collaborate with (and even at this stage test with) and groups that can support contact making, communications and presence indications.

To put in my two cents worth… I think the minimum to get started are

a) friends list to add contacts with in world presence indicators for those in your accepted friends list

b) ability to join each other at a location (already in place so long as the user is online and you know their @name).

c) group creation and membership

d) ability to message another person or a group and it be delivered later if they are offline.


We’re looking into adding point a, we have b unless I’m misunderstanding something (you can name locations or get your current coordinates, and share those with others), no word on the others yet.


I agree that groups would be a big help. It would help people with like interests work together better and faster.


The locations can indeed be named and shared… but at the moment there is no way to keep a list of those locations you have so named and recover them @G - hence notes have to be kept externally to HiFi and the Interface to recall them for future use. A way to have an inventory of such information will be needed. This could be associated with the persona information and need not be within the system as such of course.