HiFi Success stories


All we do is complain but were all still here.
Whats going well, whats are you proud of?


I remember when I first started here, and I could not figure out how to do anything. Now I am much more dangerous, because I can do things.
But seriously, when I see the joy in people using the VR tools, I realize that we have only begun to scratch the surface of what can be done here. I love HiFi because, of all the things I have seen, they are leading the way. The vision of HiFi is clear, and I can’t see how it won’t lead the way.
I am happy that I am able to be a part of this, because it just seems like a fluke that I am here, witnessing history.
I am proud to meet the geniuses of HiFi…the staff who tire endlessly, and have fun…the alphas, who are intelligent and clever beyond all belief, and the people yet to come who will be amazed.
Stay tuned.


Since i use high fidelity , i really started to use and learn blender. Bfoire that it where a bit scratching the blender surfa ce with secondlife.

But blender and high fidelity make life so much more fun, that there’s no way back !
But also a thank you to @judas and @menithal for the help.


I’m currently iterating on a project I started for a hackathon here in Seattle. It uses a script to create and manipulate a whole Earth model (really just a sphere with a procedural surface rendering some high resolution earth textures on it) and lets you zoom into locations and then see live air traffic for the region, represented as little airplanes hovering over the globe in accurate locations and orientations, along with accurate velocities assigned to them.

Longer term I hope to make this earth object more of a library tool to allow visualization of all sorts of data. My own second project will involve a globe that rotates and highlights earthquakes anywhere on Earth in real time.

As a bonus, as a C++ developer, the effort of writing lots of Javascript with only console output for debugging is super annoying, so I’m putting some effort into getting support for the Qt built-in script debugger working in Interface. I definitely won’t work in an HMD since it creates a new top level window on the desktop, but it should make tracking down bugs much easier.


:heart_eyes::grinning: Yes!


Well, the story starts in the early days of High Fidelity. Back in the days when Voxels roamed the big plains of the Strip. Young Konstantin, some say back then he was still named ‘SydoxX’, decided to make something awe-inspiring and very much needed; a teleporter.
This task may sound trivial, but it was a massive venture in these early pioneer times. With no entity scripts, this was a nearly unaccomplishable gamble. But with unbroken spirit, little Konstantin started the endeavor. After weeks and weeks of day and night of working, the impossible was done! The Simple Teleporter Script was born.
A marvel of engineering, it teleported users to a set position like no other tool on the grid. By stepping on a teleporter pad, a user could explore any possible location on the domain without any drawbacks. Critics where silenced by the waves of applause for the tool that everyone craved for. People who never left their little villages suddenly were able to visit the whole domain! Mankind said that the tool was invaluable and will be used for generations to come.

Well, one month later Voxels were removed and everybody forgot about it,


You can try out the build here: https://github.com/highfidelity/hifi/pull/7845


I’m loving the graphics and how they let me work.
I was use to a very limited set of building tools
I get that we have to build for 3D worlds in a efficient way but I love that I’m able to throw that out the window and kinda stretch my legs a bit.
I love that it isnt all set in stone that we don’t have a defined market. I know I bang on about standard avatars but because we don’t have those what we have is diversity. The Physically based rendering I know I’m only scratching the surface of its capabilities .
I love the way a skybox and messing with the lighting settings totally transforms the way everything looks. It feels a bit like I suppose tuning a harp. a lot to get right but once I get my head around it all I know its going to sing.


Need to say that i like javascript more and more. lot’s of things work a bit the same as pascal and delphi. But at some things more easy.

It’s now only learning the difference and new commands.