HiFi - the new Darkweb?


So we have javascript, an open source multi-user environment, no policing. That’s a recipe for a lot of bad things… or lots of freedom (depending on how you look at it).

I am wondering if HiFi is going to “police” its place names and domain directory. What if somebody buys a “nefarious” place name and wants it in the directory? What if there is a domain that is famous for its nefarious deeds?

Furthermore I notice some domains get a directory spotlight and others don’t. How does that work? Do they pay extra?

Anyway, we all know there are going to be less-than-innocent goings on in HiFi (probably a lot more than any other virtual world, ever). Right now it is the wild west and probably will be for some time. I imagine eventually all the chaos will settle down into “sub grids”, or clusters of domains that might run with the same setup of UI/script/etc that users learn to trust (and probably have similar content). For example casinos might all run similar software and be tied together with all the other casinos somehow. Games will probably cluster around a fire with other games. Perv places will probably gather together, etc etc.

Well, even bad publicity is publicity. I think the open, unpoliced nature of HiFi is what will make it stand out in the crowd of vr worlds that are expected to be released in the next few years (Facebook, Microsoft, Sansar, Google). The whole “darkweb” thing is probably the biggest advantage to have over the other guys.


I don’t think Darkweb is quite the right metaphor. The right metaphor I think is… ultimately HiFi is going to be the World Wide Web of virtualness. That is, HiFi and all the places in it are going to be analogous to how all the Websites that exist are arranged. No one central server contains it all, in fact the vast majority of the WWW exists across millions of independent, separately owned machines, yet any one of them can be visited from any other. Well, with the exception of the password-locked, members-only ones.

Look at what’s out there on the Web: You have places with pr0n, you have places with blasphemy, you have places with cute and cuddly animals, you have places with educational materials and religious materials and goofball materials and even pirated materials. And the only ones responsible for each of those are the ones who’s particular website it is on.

There is no central, controlling, owning authority over it all. That is, there is NOT a situation where – like, say, Second Life – all the servers are owned and administered by one outfit. There is no one body that can say “You posted a couple of pieces of cartoon-donkey-pr0n on your site, and that’s illegal over there in Wonko’bonkostan, therefore we are confiscating and deleting all your content off ALL our servers and permabanning you from the entire World Wide Web! We don’t care that over the years you’ve also bought and stored $10,000 worth of harmless kitten images, and a lot of priceless and irreplaceable historical footage of scientists in outer space, ALL of that is now deleted and you’re permanently blocked from all contact with the Net!”


Say i was researching all this filth um where would I look?