Hifi Type Script Definitions



I’ve recently started seeing some hifi api typescript definitions floating around and I wanted to share the ones the hifi-content team has made to hopefully open up helping contribute to making it better, or for helping contribute to making your’s better!

@thoys and I made some scripts a while back to help automate them based on the jsdoc files.

You can find them here:

Also there are some VSCode snippets in there if you like.

They might need to be updated slightly with the latest JSDocs, but I’ll do that soon.

We use them by putting this file in our root directory:

And then have a folder called typings:


Pro tip: If using VSCode, be sure to also have this in your settings.json file:

"javascript.format.insertSpaceAfterFunctionKeywordForAnonymousFunctions": false

You will need this if you plan to submit code to hifi-content or the hifi main code. You’re welcome.