High Fidelity and the Oculus Quest

Today, both VRChat and Rec Room officially announced that they will be on the Oculus Quest. (It’s not clear whether they will be available on the official launch date of the Quest, or sometime thereafter.)
More details here: https://ryanschultz.com/2019/03/27/vrchat-and-rec-room-will-be-coming-to-the-oculus-quest-this-spring/

Can anyone from High Fidelity give us an update on plans to support the Oculus Quest? Thanks :slight_smile:

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I think Philip was asked in the Twitter AMA and said the plan is to be on the Quest.
Did VRChat and Rec Room state whether they have Oculus approval, or will they be available only by sideloading?

Any social VR app that’s not on the Quest will be severely handicapped, in my opinion.

I’m trying to get something done with HiFi on the Lenovo Mirage Solo, but my test on Sunday was aborted because Google Play is effing annoying. See the thread about “CromptonMoor”.

The most relevant comment, regarding when HiFi will be available on the Quest and Vive Focus.

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That’s the part that wasn’t made clear in either announcement today. I assume that Oculus gave them the go-ahead to announce something today, since both announcements were on the same day.

Side note:
Something not apparent from seeing the Quest in demos which I think is very important - it takes SECONDS to set it up in a new location.

Less time than a physical HDD laptop takes to boot.

Why is this important IMO?
Because if you’re somewhere away from home and have 30 minutes, you can actually spend 29 of them playing or hanging out with people. Maybe subtract another minute to find out the wifi password.

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