High Fidelity Android version


I have been looking at the documentation relating to the android version of hifi

Many questions

Does it work?
Does anyone have a video of it working?
What will run it?
What runs it best?
Does it do everything the desktop version does?
Does it do it in vr?
Im due a tablet upgrade buy now or wait?


HighFidelity on Daydream
Looking for input on a mobile companion application!

Ist es eine Eier legende Wollmilchsau :egg::sheep::cow2::pig:?

I.e. I rather wait until I‘ve seen it working before I switch away from my iPhone :wink:

& downgrading a highly polished entity to „phone-standards“ shouldn‘t be the problem, should it?


Sounds good for me. I would lke to get a Android HiFi app.
I mean some weeks ago has Caitlyn it short mentioned, during a Friday meeting,
that they work on something like that-)


It s has not work in the first step so far.
I have hear I need a Daydream compatible Phone yesterday at Zaru.
I have a Moto G5 plus

I n all I would not try to root my Phone so far.

Altspace is running as well on my Phone.

But they have also Daydream support (with a Head-Mounted Display)

Here are my questions, will the app run in the mobile view (on screen)
or only in the VR mode with Daydream?
Which Phones are HiFi ready ?-)
I mean a Version from 7.0 should work.


Just got a Samsung tablet s2 thing
The linked version above won’t let me install it but the beta dev version installed but only let’s me in dev domains
Any ideas?


Perhaps download an older dev version that has the same protocol version.

Note: You can increase the number dev versions listed in the dev download page if you use a URL such as: https://highfidelity.com/dev-download?limit=200


How do i know what build number equates to .74 on the release candidate?


I like it. I just want it to be available for my nvidia shield tablet which is android. I can still play hifi on my phone, but i would like to play it on my tablet because my tablet hooks up to my tv like a computer and i have a remote and keyboard and trackball pro. So if you make a hifi client for nvidia shield tablet, you can use the controller and keyboard and trackball mouse and a nvidia game controller. xoxoxoxo