High Fidelity Android version


I have been looking at the documentation relating to the android version of hifi

Many questions

Does it work?
Does anyone have a video of it working?
What will run it?
What runs it best?
Does it do everything the desktop version does?
Does it do it in vr?
Im due a tablet upgrade buy now or wait?


Looking for input on a mobile companion application!
HighFidelity on Daydream

Ist es eine Eier legende Wollmilchsau :egg::sheep::cow2::pig:?

I.e. I rather wait until I‘ve seen it working before I switch away from my iPhone :wink:

& downgrading a highly polished entity to „phone-standards“ shouldn‘t be the problem, should it?


Sounds good for me. I would lke to get a Android HiFi app.
I mean some weeks ago has Caitlyn it short mentioned, during a Friday meeting,
that they work on something like that-)


It s has not work in the first step so far.

I have hear I need a Daydream compatible Phone yesterday at Zaru.
I have a Moto G5 plus

I n all I would not try to root my Phone so far.

Altspace is running as well on my Phone.

But they have also Daydream support (with a Head-Mounted Display)

Here are my questions, will the app run in the mobile view (on screen)
or only in the VR mode with Daydream?
Which Phones are HiFi ready ?-)
I mean a Version from 7.0 should work.