High Fidelity Asset Converter (Alpha Release)


Hey all,

As part of my team’s goal to provide solutions to make our lives easier with High Fidelity, I have been developing a media conversion tool that will provide users the ability to convert a huge variety of Graphical, Audio and 3D Geometrical formats to High Fidelity supported formats.

Alpha Release Now Available: https://www.indigofuzz.co.uk/product.php?id=hifi-asscon

** Current Development Stage**: Alpha Released. View product page.

Now, this tool will provide users to also compile binary FBX files whilst embedding the textures and with other additional options (not yet reflected on the interface), but I would like to know if there is anything else you can think of to add as a feature that you really need?

I’ll be examining the worklist over time to see if there is anything I can implement in the meantime.

Kind regards,


Looks very cool looks 2 good to be true whats the catch?


Nothing, nothing. Don’t worry, just use it, my precioussssss. MWAHAHAHAHA


Absolutely no catch at all, it will be a free download for Windows initially (then porting to Linux and MacOS).

The 3D programming might take a bit of trial and error during the Beta stage, but overall it’ll be free to use.

P.S You might want to protect your ring from Adin.


Very nice. How about an axis swapper? Y-up, etc.

And my dream features:

  • export to my GitHub local directory, then commit
  • export to other HiFi friendly cloud storage


Edit: The swapping of the Axis I am willing to implement (but it may take some post-release tweaking).

As for the GitHub/Cloud Storage solution, that would heavily impact the purpose of this tool.

Infact, @VR_Architect, I do have some minor ideas floating around to create an inventory manager of types for uploading files online so people can drop their assets in to the tool and it will upload for them in namespaces etc etc… When I get to the stage of outlining it then I’ll start up a thread to encompass ideas :smiley:


Minor Update

Cleaned up the GUI a little with a few additional options. Also emphasis on the Output format as the plan is to restrict them to a standard that is known to be supported by HiFi (Reduces risk of incompatibilities, and future proofs).



The image file transcoder is completely finished and working. Current task now is to implement a Task Manager that will handle multiple files being added to the work list of the converter.

In other news:

After a while the colours become one… Time for more coffee :stuck_out_tongue:


Development is still underway with the GUI code pretty much done altogether now. Sadly the time I’ve been able to spend on this project is not as much as I would have liked, but we’re getting there…

A screenshot of the app working;


looking cool @Micah .


Aww, men the download buttons says this "under heavy development and has not yet been released"
Cant wait for this to be released. please keep us updated to when this is ready. tyvm…


http://assimp.sourceforge.net/ may help u guys


We want all base functions to work before public testing.




Take off every zig :open_mouth:


Absolutely right, @DGMurdockIII, the software uses assimp to convert the variety of formats in to a common format before pushing it through Autodesk’s FBX SDK.

Audio and Texture support fully implemented, and now just the case of wiring all the 3D stuff together. (who knew it would be such a tedious task?)

I’m alloting as much time to this project as I possibly can, and hopefully can open it up to Alpha scrutiny in the next week after a few more creases are ironed out from the foundation code.


Thank you, @chris! I’m hoping it proves to be useful for the community!


Only in the IT business someone can say “assimp” and nobody laughs.

Cannot get Textures to import with models

To quote AssImp’s feature page;

Just because of its name: Assimp renders your program sexier.

I wont hazard a guess to what I was googling to discover the library.


@Micah — “sexy asses” right? You were googling “sexy asses?”